Know your number to stay Healthy

Let us think for a moment, when a water pump in our home is functioning with very low pressure, it won’t flow properly. It won’t satisfy the household requirements. As like, if a pump is over pressured, the water will rush with high speed and if it continues the pump will burst.

These facts suits precisely to our Cardio Vascular System. Our Arteries, Veins and Blood Vessels works similar to that of Water pump.

If blood pressure is low and blood flow is inadequate, our organs won’t get enough supply of blood, which make us to feel Fatigue, Dizziness, Light headedness & blurred vision; if this condition is sustained, it will lead to life threatening conditions.

Despite, If the blood pressure is elevated, long-term sturdy rush of blood against the artery wall will produce damage to the blood vessels, lead to Stroke, Heart attack and Heart Failure.

So it is crystal clear that both the extreme up and down of blood pressure is making us fatal. Hence it is necessary to maintain the optimal blood pressure.

Rhythm of Blood Pressure

In the fast moving life, cardiac dysfunction and diabetes are very common ailment in every household. Almost, 60% of Diabetic Patients were struggling with Blood Pressure. Right now the technological advancement created the sedentary lifestyle with alcohol addiction, Smoking, grabbing junk foods etc. Furthermore lacks of exercise, Obesity, sudden weight gain, uneven fat distribution in the abdominal region are also the major contributor of hypertension. Increase in fatty issues, escalate the vascular resistance, and put extra pressure to pump the blood throughout the body. This excessive force is elevates the Blood Pressure.

Normally, the blood pressure should be maintained at 120/80 mmHg. But during the High Blood Pressure or Hypertension the pressure will elevate to 140/90 mmHg or even higher. If the condition persists, increase in High Blood Pressure results in life threatening conditions like Heart Disease, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Heart Failure, Peripheral Arterial Disease, Aortic aneurysms, Kidney Disease and Vascular Dementia.

 Purpose of World Hypertension Day

Every year, 10 million peoples were losing lives due to elevated blood pressure and it contributes the major risk factor for the global death. In which, only half of the people knows that these deaths are preventable. This shows the lack of global awareness. In 2005, to address this issue, the World Hypertension League (WHL), an association of 85 national hypertension societies, instigated a global awareness campaign on Hypertension and earmarked May 17 as World Hypertension Day (WHD). Every year WHL celebrate this day with specific theme. This year theme is “Know Your Numbers with a goal of increasing high Blood Pressure awareness in all populations around the World”. With additional to the theme, WHL celebrate this day with main objectives which are;

  • Raise public awareness on Blood pressure and its Complications
  • To motivate the public to have regular check up on Blood Pressure
  • To provide the Awareness and Guidelines on Hypertension Prevention
  • To promote early Detection, Control and Prevention of Arterial Hypertension
  • To reduce the frequency and impact of High Blood Pressure
  • To educate the people to maintain normal Blood Pressure
  • To encourage the people to live the Healthy Life Style, abstain alcohol, fatty diet and avoid sedentary life style
  • To afford free Blood Pressure Check-up camp and provoke people for regular Blood Pressure Check-up

As high blood pressure is also the leading cause factor for premature deaths, Let we take this World Hypertension Day as a chance to provide public awareness and by educating blood pressure, let we celebrate this day in a meaningful way.



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