“Some people run from problem, others run to them”

This precisely suites to all Firefighters. The problems might be anything, disasters, calamities, emergency situations whatsoever; within the fraction of occurrence firefighters will rush to the spot, defeat the fire, protect lives, and conserve properties & environment.

In our life, we never imagine to risk our lives for whom we don’t know. But they do. We call them as Heroes, but they consider this as part of their job. Priorly every Firefighter knows, they are going to face major threat, injury and death but regardless of their own lives, they do their duties. By risking their own life, they will save many unknown lives.  They have to be considered as real life Superheroes.

To honor our real life Superheroes, we are celebrating 4th May as the International Firefighter Day. We need to thank all firefighters for their tremendous contribution, selfless attitude and sacrifices to the communities and environment. Moreover, this International Firefighter Day will help to remember the firefighters who died while serving, furthermore to thank all current firefighters for their immense dedications and contributions towards society.

Celebration on International Firefighter Day

Worldwide celebration of the International Firefighter Day started in 1999. Considering the death of five firefighters in tragic circumstance of bushfire accident in Australia; an email was sent around the world to his colleagues by Firefighter JJ Edmondson, calling for International holiday that would honor the sacrifice and triumphs of the global firefighters.

In addition to that, JJ Edmondson chosen Red and Blue ribbon as the symbol for the International Firefighter Day (IFFD). The red color symbolizes fire, and blue represents water. Concurrently, the Red and Blue ribbon also signifies the International Emergency Service. By proudly wearing & displaying the pinned Red and Blue ribbons, we can express our honor and gratitude to all firefighters.

NIST, the leading training, Consulting and Auditing Company offers the training courses like Fire Fighting & Fire Safety. Only the passionate and dedicated aspirants prefer these extremely rewarding courses. And they were deserved to be celebrated as Heroic Men and Women.  So Let us celebrate this Firefighter Day to honor them.


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