Recent global environmental studies reveal that the high level of air pollution in the present scenario has shrunken the lifespan of every South Asian child by two and a half years. Consequently, while considering the global impact, air pollution has led to 7 million premature deaths every year. Remarkably in India, approximately 1.2 million people die as a consequence of both Indoor and Outdoor pollution. In order to restrain that, we can’t make our kids carry self-contained breathing apparatus (which is free from air particulate) all-time to halt from air pollution. Instead, it is our responsibility to provide awareness to preserve & take care of our mother nature from the devastating impact.

Need for Environmental Awareness

Environmental deterioration is towering high day by day. The loss is quite colossal. Be it the resources or ecosystem, flora or wildlife, quality of air & more, it is deteriorating.  No matter how rich your locality is, you can’t escape air pollution. Toxic air pollutants tend to damage your lungs, heart, and brain by stabbing the respiratory and circulatory system, affecting the whole body’s defense mechanisms, leading to premature death. So there is a huge need to accelerate environmental sustainability to minimize environmental degradation.

World Environmental Day

Every year, World Environmental Day is celebrated on 05th June, to provide global environmental awareness, further to take measures for protecting the environment. This flagship awareness day was first established by the Union General Assembly in 1972, which offers a global platform for sharing the views with over 143 countries. Each year, this day is celebrated with specific themes to outreach the public through major corporations, organizations, NGO’s, governments, celebrities, etc. This year China will be hosting the World Environmental Day with the theme “Beat Air Pollution”

Why Beat Air Pollution?

Estimates prove that by 2050, more than 6 million people will die each year due to Air pollution. Additional to that, the following are some of the deadliest facts about Air Pollution:

  • 1 in 8 deaths worldwide are caused due to Air pollution
  • Air pollution possesses the underlying factor for Ozone Depletion, which in turn diminishes the agricultural productivity.
  • 92% of global community lives in air polluted locus
  • Air pollution is the cause factor for 80% of lung diseases
  • Air pollution kills more people than HIV/AIDS & tuberculosis, also it stands as the fourth-largest threat to human health.

In order to avoid these consequences, we have to be proactive and reduce air pollution by conserving energy, using biogases, choosing sustainable products, buying recycled products and planting more trees. So let us take an oath this environmental day to make more positive transformations in our environment and renovate our lives better.



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