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How can we be safe around Fire?


Fire may break out in anywhere at any time. Everybody must know about fire safety precautions at least possible level to prevent fire incidents and how to react in case of a fire accident as well. So that we could protect ourselves from fire injuries. As far as our day-to-day life is concerned, safety on fire can be categorized into three sections such as safety at home, safety at workplace and safety at common places. When safety at home is concerned, gas cylinder is the major reason in causing fire incidents in houses. To avoid this, gas stove should be completely switched off when not in use. Secondly, electrical wiring connections must be verified often to find any short cuts and faults. Moreover, the toxic and inflammable materials should be kept in safe places avoiding direct sunlight.

When workplace is concerned, we must clearly know the routes leading to emergency exits, the locations where fire alarms are fixed, how to use Fire Extinguishers and maintain good house-keeping around our premises. Those who work with toxic substances should wear Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) without fail. We should strictly adhere to fire safety rules and regulations of workplace in order to protect ourselves and others. In case of fire accident in common places, we have to vacate from the spot as soon as possible as there could be subsequent explosions due to the fire that has already broken out.

What is fire and safety Management?


The aim of fire and safety management is to ensure that adequate safety measures are implemented in the organisation to prevent fire accidents. This management system consists various aspects such as identifying the potential risks due to fire, creating safety policy, planning & monitoring of fire prevention methods and reviewing of system. The effective implementation of this system will prevent or minimize the accidents as low as reasonably possible, thereby prevents or minimizes the injuries and fatalities as the result.

In fire and safety management system, the risk identification stage traces the places and events that could lead to fire accidents and identifies the people who may be vulnerable to accidents. The safety policy consists policy statement, responsibilities of the people involved and the arrangements to be made in the premises. The monitoring process analyses the effective functioning of the safety arrangements by carrying out performance measures. Review process is the essential element in this system, which assesses the effective functioning of the existing one. The appropriate changes that required in the system could be adapted once the review process is over.

It’s time for Quality Training

In the modern world, technology is enhancing in all corners in a day to day basis. To say, the development goes to the extent of sending satellites to the mars, finding new subatomic particle, BOSON, in quantum physics, discovering new planets, i.e., 7 planets around a star in 40 light years away from us and the list goes on. In our very life, the new inventions ease our living in many ways like building Artificial human organs, achieving 3D printing, finding Nanobots used to remove Toxins, Gorilla glasses for hi-teach gadgets, Power mat for charging gadgets without electricity. Particularly, many devices are invented for safety purposes both for typical usage like Safelets & Revolar, i.e., to wear on hand, for women safety and for industrial usage ranging from Modern Gas Detector, Face Protectors and Gloves.




Inspite of the fact, the technology is growing in supersonic pace in all the sectors to make human life better and better, the safety and value of human life is still being the unanswered question. The recent incidents and surveys indicate that our mankind, especially workers in the various industries is at high risk at all time. The Ministry of Statistics and Programme implementation in India says that the fire accidents cost around 20,000 victim’s life in every year. To add up, over 40% of fire accidents happen due to failure of electric circuits that causes threat to safety of people and to the property including expensive equipments.

All the time, Fire safety audit is the effective tool to assess the fire safety status in industries, laboratories, IT parks, offices, hotels, malls, hospitals, educational institutions and helps to identify the domains for improvement in fire prevention, protection and emergency preparedness. Eventhough it is mandatory for conducting fire safety audit, the failures in the safety concerns and costing human lives raise many questions in everyone’s mind.

Why fire accidents are being frequent in industries?

Are the safety professionals not competent or irresponsible or not trained properly?

Would the safety course providers really committed to produce quality professionals?

In order to answer these questions, the thorough analysis is needed to identify the root cause for these incidents. The astonishing fact is, there is lack of properly trained and qualified safety professionals contributed to the society to handle the safety equipments effectively as well as to apply the safety methods and preventive measures precisely. So that, the failures in safety audit and improper guidance of prevention measures leads to accidents in the industry. To add up more, few safety course providers not committed to produce qualified safety professionals. Free safety courses are offered to the candidates along with other major courses that suppresses the significance and necessity of safety concerns.  Some safety institutes are providing poor training to the candidates for lower prices.

On account of all these facts, the necessity to identify the genuine, aristocratic safety course providers in the market emerges. The professionals, who have certified from the prestigious training institutes, are successfully carrying out their safety profession contributing to the safety of the workers and companies at their best. The recognition of deserving safety course providers by the society, will pave the way to generate qualified safety professionals and save the valuable life of workers and property of the industry too by facilitating safety measures in efficient form.

Have NIST training; be brave to go anywhere; it saves all.

IOSH Training at Voltas Delhi

November 5, 2015 Leave a comment


Consecutive second batch for the Voltas IOSH MS Training at Delhi. The training started off with great enthusiasm and 27 candidates were present for the batch.

All the participated have fared meritoriously under the training of Mr. Manish.

New Landmark for safety training in Delhi

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Everybody knows we contribute to safety. But there’s a lot more to NIST Institute at Delhi that makes us who we are. New Delhi is top choice of safety aspirants joining us mostly from Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal, Uttaranchal, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. We noticed that many safety professionals working abroad prefer NIST Delhi for stop over and attend training due to international flight connectivity. Delhi not only is well connected to these states and at the center but capital city has its own advantages such as similar weather, food and language.

NIST Delhi is known for its consistent excellent results in NEBOSH, IOSH & CIEH with highly qualified, experienced and licenced trainers speaking multiple languages. We take every opportunity to include activities with special attention on communication skills, etiquettes, aesthetics, value system, leadeship qualities and overall personality development required for a HSE Professional at work. Delegates enjoy warmth and ease in learning atmosphere with course syllabus discussed in language of preference with optimum knowledge transfer. At our NIST Delhi, every training batch hosted is an opportunity to connect freshers with experienced and provide a platform to learn, re-learn, witness cross pollination of ideas and it is fun learning. Trainees are continously monitored and syllabus is revised many times with daily mock tests, self-assessments, oral and group discussions. Today there may be many options but NIST Delhi is prefered for sincerity, no short cuts, dedication, commitment, hardwork and that’s why our slogan for NIST Delhi has been “Learn & Earn”.

Here at Delhi, NIST Institute Pvt. Ltd. is located at prime location and 05 minutes walking distance from Hauz Khas Metro station on yellow line. Hauz Khas is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in South Delhi and is surrounded by sprawling Green Park, Sri Aurbindo Marg and famous Asiad Village. Around NIST Delhi, it has some of the largest green areas in Delhi, namely Deer Park, Rose Garden and near to two major hospitals in Delhi, AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital. Lively and vibrant Training Center is complemented with facilities that equal the best in the market at NIST Delhi. Creative design and spaciousness defines the institute building which house 02 fully air-conditioned training halls equipped with smart boards, ergonomically designed chairs & tables, ambient lighting as well as noise proofing for optimum learning. Knowledge Center at our institute are the pillars and walls of information and have an integrated collection of print, visual and creative material resources which our delegate trainees enjoy the most in free time. Our training center also boasts of a unique library that has systematically documented source of information available for ready reference. Integrated office complex comes handy for delegates to finish administration work and it comes with a guest lounge at reception and a meeting room. We ensure comfort of our delegates with complementary tea-coffee, cookies, bottled mineral water and hot working lunch. Hygiene, housekeeping and security is ensured with dedicated staff and there are ample car-two wheeler parking space available for the delegate trainees.

If you are looking for a best Health, Safety, Environment Training Center in North India, then you are now at the right place with the best team ever possible. NIST Delhi, pioneering in NEBOSH, IOSH training, has been the sole reason behind the success of thousands of students and professionals. The extensive real world experience of our trainers allows you to incorporate actual lessons learned into courses applied, integrating theory with practice. We transfer those knowledge and experiences to our students in order to best prepare them for what they may face in industrial environment. Demand for IOSH, NEBOSH qualifications in India continues to grow with examination registrations topping up this year. NIST alongwith NEBOSH is a regular exhibitor at OSH India and this year’s conference titled “Shaping the Future of Safety Excellence” aims to share the same motto. NIST Delhi congratulates all our alumnis and welcome future safety aspirants to a wonderful training experience with a multitude of learning features that are guaranteed to amaze

new delhi nist branch

We change the way Safety is viewed in India

NIST has been defining the safety education and its importance over the last 7+ years and have grown in to India’s most reputable TRAINING INSTITUTE for safety training. We are the leading safety course provider of NEBOSH, CIEH and IOSH courses where more than 4500+ students flock every year to NIST training centers present across India & Gulf. We know our business is built on customer’s trust and satisfied customers are our best References. Every month we do 450+ registrations for International safety courses.

We witness a highest registration ever of 372 (unit exams) for NEBOSH IDIP. We believe this clearly shows our customer’s trust on us. The NEBOSH International diploma is a prestigious and demanding professional qualification for those wanting to advance their career in occupational health and safety.

NEBOSH IDIP is based on the best practice and international standards with a best risk management approach. The main objective of this qualification is to provide the core health and safety knowledge which supports the competent performance as an Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner. NIST provide International diploma with a ‘unique’ training Methodology that is tested & tried by our trusted successful customers.

We are result oriented and we own one of the highest pass percentage ratios across world. NIST Institute offers this course and supports all safety professionals worldwide for their continuous professional development. This e-learning method helps those who run out with other commitments in mean while to get qualified. The International Labour Organization codes of practice, with special Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems reference are included in this course.


NIST is offering a comprehensive Direct Class Room Training support for International Diploma course. Students can benefit a perfect e-learning support as well as class room learning experience for their better learning.

If you are not convenient travelling to the direct classroom training, do not worry. Avail our Webinar sessions exclusively arranged for you. We assigned a dedicated Diploma tutor to each student for their full individual support and quality UK study materials consist of 8 books with 1000 pages is also provided for their study reference.

The guidance and revision for Unit IA/IB/IC & Unit ID- Projects and career enhancement has convinced many health and safety practitioners in various sectors across India. Free phone and email support is provided for student’s instant clarification. We provide separate login to students where they can avail a complete online access of their course.

We are not compared by COST; we are preferred for the “VALUE WE OFFER”. Experience our loads of values for your “HARD EARNED MONEY”. Nobody will value your money the way we does. Our most encouraging training session at NIST will guide and prepare our valuable students to face the exams successfully.

NEBOSH IGC or direct equivalent prior to undertaking the Diploma course is highly recommended.

This certification has lot of benefits that includes on successful completion of this course; the Diploma holder may apply for Graduate membership (Grad IOSH) of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the major UK professional body in the field. This is the first step to become a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner as a Chartered Member of IOSH (CMIOSH).

This certificate will let you take any position as a safety manager, safety consultant, safety advisors and other safety officials in any organization or industry. This qualification is also accepted by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management as meeting their requirements for full membership (MIIRSM). Holders of the NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety may use the designatory letters “IDipNEBOSH” after their name.

Safety training as our main stream of business, we have accomplished a lot of HSE training in both onshore & offshore including corporate clients. Few of our clients are Bumi Armada Berhad, Equate Petrochemical Company, Sembmarine Kakinada Limited GMR groups, ABB, BIAL, McDermott International, Shell, Reliance Industries Limited, Michelin, Jindal Steel Power Limited, Bayer CropScience, Larsen & Toubro etc.

We have multiple examination centers across India & Gulf .Locations across India are Chennai , Bangalore , Cochin ,Mumbai ,Vizag ,Delhi, Hyderabad ,Kolkata, Pune and Dubai ,Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar , Oman in gulf. Enquire now to register for your IDIP course training before 31st March and learn the examination techniques to attain new heights and a lot more successes in your safety career.



We know our business is built on customer’s trust

As a token of repay, NIST is offering one of its kind of

Comprehensive DIRECT CLASS ROOM Training for International Diploma

@ The cost of online course!

A complete revision on UNIT A, UNIT B, UNIT C & UNIT D

If you cannot make it for direct classes, do not worry!

Just be at your place, Log in to your system for live classes

Experience the most encouraging training session @ NIST

  • A dedicated Diploma tutor is assigned to each student for their full individual support
  • Quality UK study materials consist of 8 books with 1000 pages for your study reference.
  • Free phone and email support is provided for student’s instant clarification.
  • We own one of the highest pass percentage ratios across the world.
  • Training experts to guide and prepare our valuable students to face the exams successfully.
  • We provide separate login to students where they can avail a complete online access of their course.

Enroll for your IDIP course before 31st March

Your Success is our Passion

India: Chennai I Bangalore I Cochin I Mumbai I Vizag I Delhi I Hyderabad I Kolkata I Pune

Gulf : Dubai I Abu Dhabi I Kuwait I Qatar I Oman

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