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World Ocean Day 2017

We are living in a blue planet where two-thirds of the surface is capped by oceans. Ocean is the biggest habitat of countless number of microorganisms, fishes, plants, sea birds and other marine organisms. Ocean renders innumerable natural resources ranging from seafood, crude oils, natural gases, minerals, up to energy through tidal waves. Ocean is the crucial platform for transportation, source of recreation for humans and act as climate buffer. In respect to the profoundness of ocean, World Ocean Day is being celebrated every year with all colors.





World Ocean Day is the official UN designated International Day that is celebrated worldwide by all the people, Environmentalists, Fisher folk, and especially by the communities of aquariums and Oil industries. Every year Ocean day is planned by the organization known as, Ocean Project; they focus on ocean conservation in partnership with aquariums, zoos, museums and educational organizations around the world and to address the challenges for the health of ocean to the world.

The special thing about ocean day is that all the events are coordinated by the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council, which is a group of 11 young people from different countries. To be proud, Nehara Pandey, a 14 year old school girl from Goa is the part of this youth council. The purpose of involving youth in such event is to empower young people to become as leaders at an early age. This council is being instrumental in making new perspectives, ideas and recommendations for developing this global event. They organize the youth all cross the globe for ocean day and work for ocean conservation throughout the year.

Theme for World Oceans Day 2017: Our Oceans, Our Future

This theme has been devised with the focus of encouraging solutions for plastic pollution and to prevent marine litter for a clean ocean, and subsequently provide good future to the ocean and humans as well. Presently, ocean has become as litter by throwing plastic bags, bottles, and other garbage which causes deterioration to the sea lives. The 80% of the trash comes into the ocean from the dry land. Recent Surveys alarm us that around 1 million seabirds are affected in a year because of plastic debris. Many marine birds, sea turtles and marine mammals ingest plastics into the body as food and then it causes blocks in their digestive system.

“People protect what they love”

The youth advisory council with the support of ‘UN environment’s clean seas campaign’ has decided to connect people to concern about plastic trash into the ocean and to bring awareness about the plastic pollution by all modes of communication.

At the same time, Ocean is also facing threats from oil industries. Subsea Blow out in the Deep-water Horizon Drilling Rigs accounts for oil spills in the seabed which could take up to 3 months to remove the spillage. Oil tanker collisions lead to an average of 10% of marine oil pollution in a year which impact on the marine habitats.

Periodic Safety auditing in the offshore oil industries prevents such kind of incidents in the ocean and thereby decreasing the ocean pollution and conserves millions of ocean habitats and organisms. Safety professionals play a supreme role in the protection of oceans. They are pursuing their efforts to keep our oceans clean and safe.

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         “Have you ever spent a day with nature?’ If not, decide when you would be”

As urbanites or townsfolk, apart from thinking of our well- planned concerns, we always have few exclusive desires in the corner of our mind. At the drop of a hat, everybody has the urge to spend at least a single day with nature entirely. Now, the reminder has come to check the possibility of fulfilling this resting desire with a special day, i.e., The Environment Day, celebrated around all the corners of the world. This is the day which is considered so important as it bothers about both the living beings and non-living beings. It also evokes that the nature is supplying us food, water, oxygen, fuels, minerals and everything we need for our whole life.




United Nations is celebrating June 5 as the Environment Day in every year .It is the crucial day for the tree huggers and nations to bring awareness to its people about environment. This year‘s Environment Day is hosted by Canada which organizes the events therewith.

Theme of Environment Day -2017: ‘Connecting people to nature’

This theme insists on the importance of the connection between human beings who are having 1,50,000 years of history with our planet having 4.5 billion years old. Mathematically, ratio between these numbers is almost zero; Biologically, the connection between these two things is of infinity. This theme reveals the truth that we are probably disconnected with nature now a days.  We were connected to the nature closely in ancient times but when time rolled by, we have walked far away from the nature. This environment day stresses us to reconnect with nature again in all the possible ways.

                            “Spend a day with nature; make a new way to future”

This move will help you to understand the nature and its beauty. In order to disseminate this theme, the organizers have planned to conduct various activities throughout the world as part of the celebrations of this year’s environment day.                           

Events across world

  • On this day, the selected major buildings, statues and monuments across the world from New York’s Empire State Building to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai will turn green in color in evening.
  • Beach Clean-ups from the Pacific Ocean to the Caspian Sea.
  • Tree-planting from all over India to the London training ground of Arsenal FC.
  • Hikes and Walks in city parks and wildlife refuges from Iran to the Philippines.

Events across India

  • Indian Government to mobilise the waste management system on this year, accordingly, govt plans to install color-coded litter bins in 4,000 towns from June 5 to encourage people to separate solid waste from composite waste and to motivate reusing &recycling processes.
  • It includes clean-ups in the lake city of Nainital, along the Mutha River in Pune, and on the beach in Thiruvananthapuram.

Challenges for Environment

While celebrating the events with enthusiasm, we have to consider the challenges that environment encounters at the same time. They are Global warming, Deforestation, Climate change, Loss of Biodiversity, Severe health problems, Water scarcity, Air pollution, Over exploitation of natural resources, Over population and Urban sprawl.

In addition to these, industries cause severe effects to the environment by not focusing on the safety measures properly.

  • Fire accidents in Oil industries and Petrol Bulks causes air pollution in a massive scale.
  • The recent incidents of Oil leaks from ‘supertankers’ mixes with the water in the sea .It affects marine life and affects the livelihood of fisher folk.
  • Emission of Greenhouse gases from industries causes ozone depletion.

Safety Protective Measures

  • Safety Management Programs in the industries must include the control the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Safety measures should be applied in the supertankers and oil industries with utmost importance.
  • Inflammable materials should be stored in the industries cautiously to avoid sudden accidents.

Role of Public

Clean and green environment could be possible when people actively participate by implementing protective methods. They can involve in Rain water harvesting , reducing the use of vehicles by carpooling method, avoiding using plastic bags, recycling and reusing wastes, reducing the energy conservation by switching off electrical appliances when not in use, reducing the use of papers in homes and offices, planting trees in home if possible, checking vehicles regularly to control air pollution, buying wooden toys instead of plastic toys for kids, using stairs to avoid lifts, using solar panels, and etc.

Meanwhile, many NGOs are working towards the safe environment making awareness campaigns like organizing marathons, clean- ups in beaches, rivers, and many more. Individuals can participate in this kind of activities and could contribute their part for environment protection.

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World Earth Day

UNESCO has chosen the most required theme for the 22nd April 2017 World Earth Day as “Climate Literacy and Environment”.  Earth is one of the precious natures’ gift for living beings to survive and decorate the life.



  • Are we protecting the earth?
  • Are we conserving water?
  • Do we plant enough trees?
  • Don’t we pollute the environment?
  • Do we endure the weather?

If the answer is yes, we are worth living in the planet, if not we have to seriously contemplate and action on this. Environmental practitioners, HSE specialists and other relevant authorities from national and international bodies involved in raising awareness to protect the environment. Dr Abdul Kalam strongly emphasized for planting trees to have sufficient water for future generation.

Drastic drought, hurricanes, cyclones, Tsunamis, earthquakes and change in monsoon are due to the pollution happened across land, water and air. Heat stroke, heat wave and heat stress are unusual due to ecological modification. This give raise to various diseases and affect the healthy survival of human beings to living things in land, water and air.

It is acceptable that many multi-national companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations come forward in various eco-friendly activities. ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – Clean India Movement is an excellent initiation from the government in 2014. However the implementation is the major challenge as it is the responsibility of every individual to protect the mother earth for healthy and safe living.

People or organisation involved in deforestation, pesticides, hazardous chemical spillage in land and water have spoilt the environmental cycle results in major life threat and existence of the planet. Audit, inspection and review from relevant authorities with strong enforcement of penalties, punishment will protect the country and planet from further impairment.

This is the right time to take an oath to protect the ‘Mother Earth’ where we can implement as individual, schools, colleges, organisations and public to support the UNESCO initiatives for such wonderful cause.

Nebosh course and location table by NIST

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Food Safety – Why should I do it?Product Safety is a High Priority for all Manufacturers

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NIST food safety course trains individuals in food protection practices to ensure the safety of the served food in any food unit. NIST works on establishingproduct safety as it should be every manufacturer’s first importance.Ensuring the safety of the products and maintaining the confidence of consumers is the single most important goal of the food industry. Product safety is the basis of consumer trust, and all food industry dedicateshuge resources to ensure that the food is safe.

What We Do            

NIST food safety team works to ensure that consumers continue to have access to safe, quality and affordable products through consulting, auditing, training and by providing UK certification.We have a distinctiveapproach when it comes to product safety.

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