Work! Shine! Celebrate! The proud moment of being honored as the First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner in India was celebrated by NISTians on 25 September 2019. To celebrate an event is to encourage more achievements and anticipate many more of merriments. We NISTians, make time to celebrate our achievements no matter how big or small it is. This achievement demanded a grand celebration, as NIST had two key accomplishments to be proud of – Having successfully conducted a decade of Annual General Meeting & for being awarded the First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner in India.

The NISTians graced the event with their presence in grand attire and the celebration began with the entire team being captured in a single frame, followed by NIST’s Monthly General Meeting. The day unfolded with the directors addressing the team with the financial statistics achieved so far. The various NIST teams were appreciated by our Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Antony Selvaraj and Director – CCS Mr. Lawrence Andoni Raj and were also encouraged for making this milestone achievement possible.

Though the focus of the meeting was to celebrate the success, to sustain the privileged moment of being NEBOSH’s first Gold Learning Partner in India was also emphasized by the Directors with an inspirational call to action. The lively session between the directors and the teams filled the hall with cheers and chants. Various opinions were shared and futuristic plans were made which eventually contented the purpose of the event.

The event came to an end with a cake-cutting ceremony and the jubilant moment was exquisitely captured as the team harmoniously pledged, ‘We are proud to be the first NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner in India’. We moved on to the feast, which was served to the entire NIST team in all our branches. We as a team stand together, work together and celebrate every achievement together which has been the strategy to our so-far achievements.


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