Worldwide, every year almost 2 million people die due to hemorrhaging or through blood loss by injury or accidents. An estimate from one of India’s Technological cities shows that every year approximately about 40 % of road accident victims died by excessive bleeding and in every two seconds someone is extremely in need of Blood. It shows the essentiality of life-saving component – “Blood”.  And through blood transfusion and proper first-aid, annually we can save millions of lives.

Blood – Packages of cells

Blood is composed of three main components, Red Blood Corpuscles (RBC), White Blood Corpuscles (WBC) and Platelets. And each component has its own set of roles in maintaining the functionality of the body. In which Red Blood Corpuscles (RBC) supplies oxygen throughout the body, White Blood Corpuscles (WBC) invades against infections & protects the body from diseases and Platelets help in blood clotting. Altogether the complete package of cells is called “Whole Blood”. Blood transfusion can also occur by transfusing specific patient’s needed blood components or blood products. As per the American Red Cross Society, every single unit of blood will save three precious lives.

Why blood donation is needed?

Blood transfusion is a lifesaving process, which compensates the blood loss, occurred during major surgeries. It also helps in treating premature infants & babies and also patients who suffer from life-threatening diseases like cancer, bleeding disorders like hemophilia and thrombocytopenia. Also, stocking of blood becomes most imperative after any man-made or natural disasters. Easy access to safe and quality blood administration at a crucial time will reduce the mortality rate.

World Blood Donor Day – 2019

To commemorate the birthday anniversary of Nobel prize recipient Karl Landsteiner, World Health Organization (WHO) came up to celebrate 14th June, as World Blood Donor Day. This Austrian physician was the discoverer of ABO blood group classification; he made a scientific breakthrough to lead safe blood transfusion. Every year, World Blood Donor Day is celebrated with a specific theme, to raise awareness about the universal need for blood transfusion. Also to thank voluntary, unpaid blood donors for donating a precious life-saving gift. The theme for this year event is “Safe blood for all”, it specifies the usage of safe and quality assured blood and blood products.

Safe Blood for all

Statistical Report from the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) shows that every year around 2000 people get Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV), through blood transfusion. Since 2007, around 20000+ people were affected by HIV. Although the medical law requires mandatory testing for life-threatening diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and Malaria before transfusion, the quality of the blood is still not tested by some of the Health care in certain emergency circumstances. So this world Donor Day 2019, specifically insists to transfuse only safe and quality blood and also provide awareness on that.

Let us join hands to celebrate this World Blood Donor Day by encouraging people to donate blood and also thank the blood donors who have been saving innumerable lives.