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World Earth Day

UNESCO has chosen the most required theme for the 22nd April 2017 World Earth Day as “Climate Literacy and Environment”.  Earth is one of the precious natures’ gift for living beings to survive and decorate the life.



  • Are we protecting the earth?
  • Are we conserving water?
  • Do we plant enough trees?
  • Don’t we pollute the environment?
  • Do we endure the weather?

If the answer is yes, we are worth living in the planet, if not we have to seriously contemplate and action on this. Environmental practitioners, HSE specialists and other relevant authorities from national and international bodies involved in raising awareness to protect the environment. Dr Abdul Kalam strongly emphasized for planting trees to have sufficient water for future generation.

Drastic drought, hurricanes, cyclones, Tsunamis, earthquakes and change in monsoon are due to the pollution happened across land, water and air. Heat stroke, heat wave and heat stress are unusual due to ecological modification. This give raise to various diseases and affect the healthy survival of human beings to living things in land, water and air.

It is acceptable that many multi-national companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations come forward in various eco-friendly activities. ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – Clean India Movement is an excellent initiation from the government in 2014. However the implementation is the major challenge as it is the responsibility of every individual to protect the mother earth for healthy and safe living.

People or organisation involved in deforestation, pesticides, hazardous chemical spillage in land and water have spoilt the environmental cycle results in major life threat and existence of the planet. Audit, inspection and review from relevant authorities with strong enforcement of penalties, punishment will protect the country and planet from further impairment.

This is the right time to take an oath to protect the ‘Mother Earth’ where we can implement as individual, schools, colleges, organisations and public to support the UNESCO initiatives for such wonderful cause.

World Heritage Day

world heritage day

India is celebrated for historical places and heritage building. We have also the privilege to hold one of the world wonders “Taj Mahal” under our country’s banner. There are many such monuments, religious buildings, museums, forts, palace and so forth are available in each and every state across our nation. This would attract tourists from various part of the globe which would increase the economy of our country.

In most of the countries ancient building are protected, maintained and polished as it is considered as tribute to the ancestors who built those structures before the advancement of technologies. The saddening part of our culture is we not only failed to protect the heritage structures but also mishandled the legacies our dynasties left behind.

It is also encouraging to learn that 18th April is declared as ‘World Heritage day’ by International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) which was approved by UNESCO in 1983. The purpose of this day is to create awareness among the people to know their collective responsibility to protect the nation’s inheritance.

The effort taken care by archeological department and various states across the country to safeguard the identifications of the ancient buildings are commendable. Their main aim is to refurbish the ancient model buildings which are either vulnerable or iconic. Still we have lot more to do with the memorials as quoted very often in various newspapers, NGO’s and social advocates.

In the era of high end machineries, latest technologies, revolutionary accessibility and numerous sponsorships across the globe, the renovation and maintenance of building is still challenging. Councils, professional forums, NGO’s, CSR funds are increased due to the awareness campaign from ICOMOS and other organisations. We are grateful to those initiatives which helps next generation to understand, witness and cherish the history and the efforts taken.

Engineering specializations like architectural, interior designing and HSE courses are available for the persons who wish to take part in construction, restoring and protecting the historical buildings. Besides engineering, Safety courses plays a major role to protect the people working to protect the monuments and heritage. Learn more

World Health Day – Depression – Let’s talk


The purpose of existence is to live, create a healthy and happy life. If the fundamental factor of survival itself is gone for toss by various health, safety and environmental issues the purpose of existence gets disturbed. Thus the need for World Health Day arises to safeguard the global human health be it physical, mental or well-being and chosen the theme of the year 2017 as “Depression: Let’s talk”.

We are living in the century where the globe is floating with technology; every nook and corner are in surveillance. During the earlier centuries and before the invention of mobile phone, internet & email the human relationship, networking with family & friends, physical fitness were stronger. Inspite of all these developments, the required aspects become weaker hence people easily fall it into depression.

Another major reason is considered as work-life balance. White collar job is the top priority nowadays, where mental challenges are very high compared to physical work. If a person happens to work in the laptop for 8 hours a day, the required physical activity is discounted. Besides the demanding target and deadline, the unwanted substances in the body adding fuel to the fire results in depression.

WHO statistics says globally more than 300 million people suffer from depression. Starts from personages to pauper no one is exempted from depression. The death toll is getting increased day by day as people unable to find solutions to get mental strength. Schools, colleges and corporates are seeking for health & well-being programmes. Doctors, Therapist, clinical psychologists and spiritual gurus are the demand of the hour whom needy people seek for.

One should learn to manage the art of balancing the work, relationships, physical fitness, nutrition, spiritual factors and personal space in order to live a healthy and happy living. Health is the basic foundation to build a successful life. Our ancestors live with the best of the health with the limited resources but we invite only terminal illness by changing our lifestyle.

Occupational health is the most required education required for a person to balance their work whichever they choose for. Medical professional says, if any person needs to stand/sit for 8 hours a day, needs to sit/lay atleast 4 hours with sufficient break besides the 7 hours’ sleep. Be it manual handling, work at height, chemical exposure, working in extreme temperatures, dusty/windy environment, confined air conditioned atmosphere, machineries, noise, strenuous travel, lone working, extreme behaviour, harassment, bullying etc., etc., should be identified with suitable control measures to relax and free from depression.

HSE professionals and practitioners have enormous responsibility to share awareness, give shoulders to people in depression to overcome their pain. Let us understand the depression and create awareness during this World Health Day, a wonderful initiation by WHO.

NIST celebrates its 50th batch of NEBOSH HSW training program.

November 29, 2016 Leave a comment

HSW 50th Batch in Chennai 2016

November 14, 2016 marked the onset of the 50th batch of Health and Safety at Work (HSW) course, in NIST – Chennai branch. NIST takes pride in training a number of individuals and professionals in safety courses such as NEBOSH, IOSH and CIEH. This month NIST has made a landmark by successfully completing its 50th batch of NEBOSH HSW. HSW over the years have proven to be the best basic level health and safety course that creates awareness about health and safety at workplace.
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Free shuttle service is available for 10th – 11th Nov 2016 for visiting OSH India – Mumbai 2016 event

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Osh India Exhibition and Conference is about to take place on 10th and 11th of November, 2016 at CIDCO Exhibition Center, Navi Mumbai. As the days get close by, OSH India has offered complementary shuttle services to selected destinations within India such as Thane, Pune, Taloja and Ghatkopar to attract participation.

Free shuttle service is available for 10th - 11th Nov 2016 for visiting OSH India - Mumbai 2016 event

Free shuttle service is available for 10th – 11th Nov 2016 for visiting OSH India – Mumbai 2016 event

The people in these areas could register with OSH India to avail the to and fro services. Book and travel free to meet NIST @ OSH India @ Stall No B27 to explore and get benefitted by our safety services.

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OSH INDIA 2016 – Exhibition and Conference -Mumbai

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Health and Safety are the two main elements of a hygienic work place. OSH India Expo is once again here in Mumbai on 10th and 11th November this year to discuss the new developments in safety management system. It is an exciting event where conferences, interactions and exhibition come together on a single platform. Visitors from many countries and over 5000 professional are preparing to take part in this grand event on Health and Safety.


  OSH INDIA 2016 – Exhibition and Conference – Mumbai

NIST is getting geared up to participate in this event to meet its target audience. NIST aspires to produce safety professionals by training and qualifying them in safety standards and solutions through a creative and productive team approach. NIST’s programs are based on international guidelines of ILO, BSI, OHSAS, EMS, NFPA, NSC, IIRSM, IOSH and NEBOSH.

To update your knowledge in Health, Safety and Environment and to know more about NIST and get benefited through its safety programs do not miss the opportunity to visit us at Stall No B27, CIDCO Exhibition Center, Navi Mumbai.

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NIST 4th Year Participation at OSH INDIA

NIST is participating in India’s largest Occupational Safety & Health Expo organized by UBM-India for the 4th consecutive year at Chennai Trade Center Nandambakkam on 9th & 10th June 2016 at stall No D- 18. Grab a chance to discuss about the most preferred International HSE Courses.  


We understand, our customers’ requirements & are confident in opting services on Health & Safety requirements on Training, Consulting & Auditing landscape. We are enthusiastic to meet our loyal customers and other prospective clients in a meaningful way. NIST’s main objective is to create awareness, impart knowledge and enhance skill-set of all the individuals spread globally by having health & safety training along with determined quality as a key vehicle. NIST’s success ratio is enormous with most of its alumni’s being placed in reputed organizations across the globe.

 We understand the responsibility of being  India’s largest Training & Consulting company in the field of safety. We are elated to meet our customers during this exhibition like our previous benchmark of overwhelming responses at UBM-India held at Mumbai & Chennai last year.

Looking forward to meet you all soon!!