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Are We Safe in this planet?

The term “Safety” applies everywhere. Be it home, travel, the workplace, industries and so forth. Most of us are living safely in this planet as we have blessing in disguise. Are we safe while walking, while eating, while breathing, while working and it goes on? Since 20 decades, the world is deeply concerned about “Global Warming” which was initiated through group of intellectual minds using the technology revolution. The global equilibrium is disturbed in doing things unsafe.

Contamination of water, land and air exceeds beyond permissible level which creates huge gap between living beings and the planet. Usage of natural resource naturally becomes the challenge these days. Followed by major issue in availability of fresh water, few Asian countries are in a situation to purchase the breathing air. The need for sophistication is the contributing factors for inviting various unknown diseases, accidents, vulnerability and stress among the people. These apprehensions increase the need to learn safety in order to know to get the fundamental awareness.

The fundamental obligation to fulfil Health, Safety and Environment is to meet the needs of Moral, Legal and social commitment to individual and organisation. Safety impart us the knowledge to eliminate the harmful elements with appropriate control measures. NIST Institute is one of the leading institute providing safety training in Chennai. Various segments in the industry has potential hazards to harm people and material in its own way. Unless those issues are analyzed and prevented, the consequences will be destructive.

Nevertheless the control measures need to be focused to protect the people, equipment, materials and environment. This becomes one of the moral & legal obligation of individual and organisation to safeguard themselves and others. There are various Safety courses from reputed organizations in U.K. bring huge awareness on these aspects. To name a few IDIP, IGC and HSW from NEBOSH, Working Safely & Managing safely course from IOSH and First aid, Risk Assessment and Fire Safety from CIEH are preferred in industries. The fundamental courses impart necessary knowledge for entry level people and higher level courses are one of the mandatory certifications for the safety professionals to perform their duty with care and accountability.

These internationally recognized Safety courses are offered in Mumbai through our safety training institute at Marol, Mumbai. The aforesaid internationally accredited safety courses are also available at Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Cochin, Hyderabad, Vizag and Bangalore. These safety courses are first established in Chennai and penetrated in to other regions to serve the corporate and individuals at the door step.

NIST plays major role to increase the safety awareness in society and always carrying the motto “we contribute to safety”. The tailor made programmes & other safety services were useful to share knowledge how to act in terms of emergency. The awareness in safety not only helped with understanding but also paved the way for strong footage for career, remuneration benefits, upgrade in designation and other direct and indirect benefits to employee and employer.  In order to understand the roles and responsibilities of citizen towards the family, neighbors, friends, employer it is essential to learn, recognize, realize and implement the importance safety everywhere. The art of learning and implementing the facts about health, safety and environment will indeed support the country, globe and planet to be a safer place to live in. This is one of the best legacy to the future generations.

NIST – Its uniqueness

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Each and every one of us will progress with our dream vision and innovation in this competitive market to sustain and prove us. Organizations & corporates are not different from individuals in determining their standards, quality & exemplary values apart from its financial growth for its sustenance. NIST, established as training, consulting and auditing firm for occupational safety and health in 2008 has embraced the core strategy of maintaining high standards and quality for whichever tasks it undertake. It has good organizational structure, best band of technical experts, core support and operations team which contribute to fulfil its vision and maintaining its reputation.

NIST’s one of the core competent function is providing international OSH training on which they hold good reputation for its service. In order to facilitate and fulfil the requirements of our clients, the training calendars are planned & derived well in advance with the foreseeable requirements. We cater the need of training with efficient & suitable trainer adhering the international norms. Profile of each trainer is unique with adequate technical experience, educational background, language proficiency and field expertise. We stand distinct in our training methodology and offer high standards of safety courses in India be it for individuals or for corporates.

NIST offers NEBOSH approved health and safety courses in India without compromising the standards, without offering free certifications and been so successful since its inception. We value the money of individuals, training for all the courses as advised by awarding organisation, provide good quality course materials, guidance for career and enhancing results. NIST witnessed astonishing success in more than 1000+ individuals’ career before and after studying NEBOSH and other health & safety courses from NIST INSTITUTE.

NIST -Its Uniqueness

World Food Day Celebration at NIST

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“Think of water, food, people, and land as interwoven threads in the fabric of the world.” – Anne Olson

NIST has a bouquet of Health and Safety related courses in various domain, be it fire, working at height, Oil and gas and more. In recent years be it any field any industry safety is becoming a necessity whichevoked NIST to prove its excellence in the field of food safety.

When it comes to food, despite the taste, quality and cost food is a basic necessity to any living being in the universe. Whilst the necessity in few countries food is in scarcity for consumption, hence every year world food day is been remarked to make the globe understand the importance of food as a resource.

Nowadays the usage of networking gadgets, work system and many more social factors evoke the need for a family meal for at least thrice a week, family meal is where, all  the  family members will sit together, have a meal. The definition of a family meal would sound simple but the impact of the same would be more fruitful pertaining to consumption of healthy and safe food.

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Food Safety – Why should I do it?Product Safety is a High Priority for all Manufacturers

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NIST food safety course trains individuals in food protection practices to ensure the safety of the served food in any food unit. NIST works on establishingproduct safety as it should be every manufacturer’s first importance.Ensuring the safety of the products and maintaining the confidence of consumers is the single most important goal of the food industry. Product safety is the basis of consumer trust, and all food industry dedicateshuge resources to ensure that the food is safe.

What We Do            

NIST food safety team works to ensure that consumers continue to have access to safe, quality and affordable products through consulting, auditing, training and by providing UK certification.We have a distinctiveapproach when it comes to product safety.

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The Growing Importance of Food Safety Education for Food Handlers at India

NIST opens Food Safety Certification now in India. Food handlers need to know why food safety is important and the only way to do that is through training. In the commercial kitchen, there should be no excuse for handling food in an unsafe manner. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)has been mandated by the FSS Act, 2006 which elicits to provide training program for food handlers for safe food practices. Now,NIST helps food workers to value their role in the food safety culture.

NIST serves as a single reference point for all courses relating to Food Safety starting from catering unit, manufacturing industry to a single line of retail industry and food auditing.Why Food Safety Training is Important? Food safety is an important public health issue in India now. Eating at restaurants and other food service facilities increasingly has been associated with food borne disease outbreaks. Food safety training and certification of food handlers has been used as a method for reducing food safety violations at food service facilities. However, the literature is inconclusive about the effectiveness of such training programs for improving food safety and protecting consumer health.

Here are several reasons why it is important to train staff in safe food handling practices:

The employees are the ones actually handling food.The recent mid-day meal programme pesticide poison incidentat Bihar which killed 23 children was a big tragedy of this year eating contaminated food which is five times more than what is found in insecticides and pesticides. Since cooking professionals are the ones actually handling and preparing the food, it is important that they do so in a safe manner through proper food safety training. This protects both employees and customers to a safe food handling practices and conserve the food premises from legal issues and customer satisfaction.

It is a health code requirement. Currently, the only restaurant workers who need to be food safety certified are managers, but the FDA Food Code does stipulate that all food handlers need to have a working knowledge of food safety. What constitutes “working knowledge” is left up to the local health departments to decide. Chances are the health inspector will ask employees what safety measures they are using and maybe why those measures are important.

Reduce the risk of food poisoning.Eight people – including a pregnant women-have alleged that they suffered food poisoning after eating at a 5 star hotel at New Delhi. Many Food poisoning issues are prevailing in India and this elucidates the importance of food safetyeducation by the food handlers as advised by the FSSAI. Despite the investment and focus on training, researchers suggest that the impact of food handler training programs is inconsistent and program evaluation is rarely conducted.

Training helps with quality control.The basic responsibility of any food facility is to prepare, produce and market good quality and safe food that is honestly presented. It is the duty of the government to ensure compliance by industry to national food quality and safety requirements. Food safety education is a huge part of quality control.NIST offers courses on food safety, HACCP and lead auditor course FSMS. Not only providing education but also cater auditing services for all the food establishments.

Behavior will change. The best way to ingrain proper procedures into people is to change their behavior. Training and regularly applying those food safety training principles will eventually change the way staff handle and look at food to the extent that safe food handling just becomes second nature.

Employees can gain a better appreciation for their jobs. After so long, preparing food in a commercial kitchen can become monotonous, and employees may begin to question why they have to do things a certain way. Food safety training teaches workers why safe food handling is important. Once they realize that they are directly responsible for the health and safety of the customers, their jobs may feel a little less monotonous.

The number of food-borne disease outbreaks has been increasing around the world. Annually, about 1.5 billion cases of food-borne disease outbreaks are reported, resulting in 3 million deaths globally and also closure of the food business. We handle and consume food in one way or another. As such, the assurance of food safety is a shared responsibility. Through food safety education, NIST hopes to raise awareness about the importance of food safety. Now, you can also join NIST to promote food safety through education, and you too can play a part in ensuring your food is safe to eat.

Together, let’s keep food safe!

The purpose of education is to introduce communication to knowledge

NIST provides liberated training & consulting services for all ambitious professionals. In our current corporate scenario, the technical knowledge alone is not abundant the mode of deliverance for knowledge transfer is mostly a necessity nowadays.Many professionals, who are strong in the technical side, forsake in delivering their known concepts to their aides.This international certificate serves its purpose of filling the breaches between the communication and knowledge. 

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” a Chinese proverb which elucidates the need for attaining our long term goal would begin only with a small step. For instance what are our goals?  Our goals will be set according to our strengths and opportunities only. What do goals play a role in training and in leadership? Be it any vertical Medical, engineering, Information technology, agriculture and food we need to educate ourselves and others in our organization. The level of information may vary but the depth of understanding will not.

There is a need for training, at present more than need it is a demand the main objective would be to make the personnel convey what they wanted to deliver?  An effective training method should also ensure that the effectiveness of the learning that had happened during the session. “Train the trainer” is a one of kind training program which enables personnel to become more proficient and qualified.

For all the technical hitches, beginning from a communication breach to misunderstanding of information conveyed throughout the organization. There is one answer for all the questions what we had asked for. PTLLS training session would be more of “knowledge transfer” from one trainer to a set of other trainers who has a passion and vision in delivering the same.

PTLLS Train the trainer is an eye-opening session for current people who train very frequently. This course is apt for people who have to teach or educate their colleagues on some task. For example, what role do you seek in future, be a supervisor, and team leader or sales development training we make them understand how communication impacts their training. An individual may be an expert in his field failing in the proper communication and standards he would fail his abilities forever.

Training is needed from cognitive to psychomotor skill. Tenure period in PTLLS Training gives self – realization for each and every individual to analyze the strength and weakness and this indirectly compliments not only for being a trainer but for all professions and designations.

For example, what role do you seek in future, be a supervisor, and team leader or sales development training we make them understand how communication impacts their training. An individual may be an expert in his field failing in the proper communication and standards he would fail his abilities forever.

Eligible for PTLLS:

“Train the trainer”  is most eligible for any employee in a n organization , the person who joins as a fresher, a supervisor who gets promoted to a managerial level and a college lecturer who wants to transform herself as  a corporate trainer, the Human resources who need to convey the entire company information during the joining and the exit interview. The communication has to be conveyed right.

Need for train the trainer programme

The American society for training and development (ASTD), says that although organizations struggled with some of the worst economic conditions in several decades, business leaders continued to dedicate significant resources for their employee training as a continual process which had reaped in a very successful way. This is also explained with a quote “An investment in education and training reaps highest interests”. A job assigned to an individual has an objective and a purpose. The employer should pave the way for the employee to evolve himself as a qualified professional.

Few renowned Corporates have initiated the Train the Trainer international certificate for their company’s supervisors, technical trainers, Human resources and people who are involved in day to day training in their job description.

Join “Train the Trainer” course at NIST which is available all over India, at NIST excellent skilled based training along with the picture-perfect knowledge transfer of how a session has to be planned, executed and evaluated is guaranteed. As the famous quote says “be the change you want to be”


The mode of communication is playing a vital role in our day to day life. Mastering in Technical knowledge alone will not fetch our goal, the context of being a trainer and getting ourselves qualified as a trainer is truly controversial and contradicting. NIST Conveys that any job delegated to us is a purpose and not a mere expectation. To fulfill your commitment towards your profession take the next step and get qualified as a trainer.

Lead yourself to lead others!!!

Nebosh Iogc|Occupational Health And Safety Training|Nebosh Iogc Cochin

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The Candidates found the programme worth for their professional development. They appreciated the way of presentation & claimed that it was a ‘lively class’. The candidates have the opinion that the doubts were cleared by citing lively Examples.

 The trainer was giving individual attention which made the candidates more comfortable & the presentations were excellent.
NEBOSH IOGC  On 23rd Nov – 27th Nov, 2011.  at Hotel Abad Atrium, MG Road, Ernakulam.
Our upcoming Nebosh Iogc are scheduled in Chennai, Bangalore,Cochin,Delhi,Visakhapatnam & Mumbai  locations.
 Do check our Course Calendar 2012 for more details.
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