Pursuing your passion can be fulfilling as it may drive you to go beyond your limits. And in particular, we are here to discuss about how passion for Environment can eventually become a career.

Are you one of those who is concerned about ozone depletion or someone who walks those extra miles to not pollute the environment? Or, ever experienced a sincere concern for those lives lost due to some environmental hazard?

Perhaps that’s why this piece of writing grasped your attention.

Facts we felt you should know:

  • 7 million premature deaths occur every year as a result of poor air quality.
  • 10 – 20 million tons of plastics gets into our ocean every year
  • 23% of global carbon emission is from the transport sector
  • 24% of global deaths are linked to the environment

The effects of Global warming aren’t exactly derived as it takes years to conclude the level of toxicity and the natural habitats affected by it. Human consumption reflects back to us with triggered climate change, poor air quality and undrinkable water making it harder to preserve for the best even with stringent measures. 

About 5 million people risk their lives on environmental factors which is 3x times from loss of other deadly diseases. It has become 2x harder to achieve our environmental goals of 2050 with constantly triggering challenges. 

Styrofoam and plastic are the top wastes that contribute more risks to all future living beings. Around 91% of the world’s population lives in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits. Likewise, air pollution also risks many people increasing the vulnerability to many diseases. 

With technology steering far & further, there is a myriad of solutions that come alongside protecting our environment. For instance, effluent treatment is an underrated process that removes the major pollutants from the waste before it is disposed off to the nearest natural source. 

With the rising alarm of Environmental issues around the globe, there has been a steady demand for an environmental specialist in all industrial sectors.

Yes! Environmental Safety officers are is demand! They are professionally trained personnel who have to practically meet the recommended standards in preserving the environment. 

So what does it take to become one? Most employers look for NEBOSH International Environmental Diploma to perfectly align national and international standards.  

Why NEBOSH Diploma in Environmental Management is the most demanded? What are the learning outcomes for the course?

  • Understand the law and principles of health and safety 
  • Assess and formulate environmental factors in both internal and external categories with relevant legislative requirements, responsibilities and regulations
  • Align the regulations with structure, roles and monitoring effective health and safety policies
  • Reduce and optimize safe risk exposures that will affect the health
  • Explain the basic physical concepts on the individual as well as exposure to radioactive and thermal environments in the workforce
  • Responsible and monitor proper storage of dangerous substances, maintenance of equipment and safe handling of materials at manufacturing sites
  • Review a health and safety management system and indicate with the use of a risk assessment, the future priorities for the organisation

By the end of this course, what are some attractive benefits that NEBOSH Environmental Diploma graduates enjoy?

  • Plays a vital role in social responsibility, demonstrate and key personnel in attaining social responsibility
  • Acknowledged as Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and is a mark of professionalism
  • Graduates can use the designatory letter IEnvDipNEBOSH to highlight your profile
  • Meets the academic requirements of IEMA Practitioner (PIEMA) level membership and IIRSM’s Specialist Membership (SIIRSM)
  • The Diploma also entitles the holder to apply for graduate membership (GradIOSH) of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)
  • Fosters further knowledge to progressive studies and research

You can study this NEBOSH International Environmental Diploma course from wherever you are. There is no pre-requisite for this course but it is recommended to study NEBOSH International General Certificate or any other relevant course. 

Where to start with it? – Choosing the right Learning Partner

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The right learning partner, the right certification and the right opportunity will boost your career.

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