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NIST’s 10th Founder’s Day Celebration to Commemorate its Successful Journey


In the competitive world of educational entrepreneurship, sustaining in business is itself a great challenge. It all depends on performance or perish considering the fact of volatile market. However, the founders and management of NIST has the grit and guts and they are well-versed with the art of not only sustaining but multiplying business. This is the aspect around which, founder’s day was celebrated with presence of employees from all the branches.

A well-decorated and lit hall with posters of our beloved directors on both side of the podium was the cynosure of venue. The founder’s day meet started early morning with prayer followed by delightful speech by directors, where he graced everybody. The first day event was all about sales performance regarding which each branch head shared their achievements. Second day highlight was inputs shared by management followed by discussion among the trainers. Thus, its emphasis was how to provide training and make it conducive to the advantages of customers and students. Read more..     

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NIST organized 4th All India and TRAC Meet consecutively to contemplate futuristic goals


Reasons are cause for occasions and this aspect is known to NIST employees and management better, thereby preparation started to conduct All India Meet. Employees across India informed, boarding and lodging arranged, and venue prepared likewise all the infrastructure was arranged and developed for this annual meet. This is how a cumbersome task was well coordinated which in turn paved way to ensure all the invitees come to occasion.

The mood of the employees was upbeat and everybody was eager to participate. And it happened in due course of time over two days, where each of head of departments shared the outcome and what needs to be done in the coming days. At no point of time, there was any aspect that would take away the enthusiasm fever which had gripped prior to start of this occasion. The event went as usual like prayer, team introduction, speech by directors, giving compliments among others.  As there is a saying that ‘well started is half done’ but in context to NIST, everything happened in perfect and much to the delight of attendees. Read more..

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How can we be safe around Fire?


Fire may break out in anywhere at any time. Everybody must know about Fire safety precautions at least possible level to prevent fire incidents and how to react in case of a fire accident as well. So that we could protect ourselves from fire injuries. As far as our day-to-day life is concerned, safety on fire can be categorized into three sections such as safety at home, safety at workplace and safety at common places. When safety at home is concerned, gas cylinder is the major reason in causing fire incidents in houses. To avoid this, gas stove should be completely switched off when not in use. Secondly, electrical wiring connections must be verified often to find any short cuts and faults. Moreover, the toxic and inflammable materials should be kept in safe places avoiding direct sunlight.

When workplace is concerned, we must clearly know the routes leading to emergency exits, the locations where fire alarms are fixed, how to use Fire Extinguishers and maintain good house-keeping around our premises. Those who work with toxic substances should wear Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) without fail. We should strictly adhere to fire safety rules and regulations of workplace in order to protect ourselves and others. In case of fire accident in common places, we have to vacate from the spot as soon as possible as there could be subsequent explosions due to the fire that has already broken out.

What is fire and safety Management?


The aim of Fire and safety management is to ensure that adequate safety measures are implemented in the organisation to prevent fire accidents. This management system consists various aspects such as identifying the potential risks due to fire, creating safety policy, planning & monitoring of fire prevention methods and reviewing of system. The effective implementation of this system will prevent or minimize the accidents as low as reasonably possible, thereby prevents or minimizes the injuries and fatalities as the result.

In Fire and safety management system, the risk identification stage traces the places and events that could lead to fire accidents and identifies the people who may be vulnerable to accidents. The safety policy consists policy statement, responsibilities of the people involved and the arrangements to be made in the premises. The monitoring process analyses the effective functioning of the safety arrangements by carrying out performance measures. Review process is the essential element in this system, which assesses the effective functioning of the existing one. The appropriate changes that required in the system could be adapted once the review process is over.

World First Aid Day -2017

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The World First Aid Day is celebrated worldwide on second Saturday of September in every year. The International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) and Red Crescent Societies started to celebrate First Aid Day since the year 2000 and it is being continuously celebrated for the last 17 years. The aim of this day is to create awareness among people in order to save invaluable human lives in day – to – day and crisis situations.

‘It’s all about saving lives’

Considering the general nature of the organization IFRC, it works fundamentally to empower common people to act as volunteers and trains them to provide First Aid treatment. Secondly, this organization plays a remarkable role in the times of disaster and emergency situations. They provide very essential, life-saving First Aid techniques to sufferers while they are waiting for professional medical support. To be specific, they are saving millions of lives, i.e., around 160.7 million people are being served through their First Aid services and around 110 million people in disaster times in a year.

 ‘First Aid – it is for anybody at anywhere’

First aid is a very essential step towards saving the lives of sufferers before bringing them to medical Centers. It increases the chances of survival by immediate action and providing appropriate life-saving support. The purpose of First Aid treatment is to preserve life in the time of emergency, reduce the suffering due to injuries and applying relevant methods to promote recovery. First aid is not only about physical treatments due to injuries, it includes psycho-social support when a victim has been encountered a traumatic event.             

‘First Aid is a first safety tool to save lives’

First Aid Tips

  • If there is a bleeding, the injured spot must be gently pressed using a clean cloth for over 3-15 minutes non-stop. Then it must be cleaned by lukewarm water. If the bleeding occurs on nose, it should be pinched for 10 minutes and face must be leaned forward, strictly not backwards.
  • In cases of fire burns on any part of the body, cold running water must be poured onto the spot for over 10 -15 minutes.
  • If eyes are subjected to any wound, cold wet cloth can be used to cover the eyes. If eyes are splashed by any chemical, eyelids must be opened and cleaned by lukewarm water immediately.

First Aid in Workplace

It is very essential to appoint First Aiders in companies, which are involving in risky work processes and use toxic chemical substances. The First Aiders can immediately respond with emergency situations to save lives of people in cases of fire or any other injuries. Importantly, the First Aiders have to be formally certified once after obtaining a proper training. In order to satisfy this need, many safety providers are offering First Aid certification courses.

NIST is the major safety provider in India, which offers first Aid courses to corporates. We are proud to say that more than 500+ National and International First Aid certificates were provided to candidates so far.We strongly hope that our First Aid training provided to companies might have saved many lives of workers and helped the injured by immediate treatments.

71st Independence Day – 2017

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“I’m a lover of my own liberty, and so I would do nothing to restrict yours”

                                                                                                           – Mahatma Gandhi

India, our mother country attained freedom at midnight of 14th August 1947 from the British rule. This year, we are celebrating the 71st Independence Day with full of enthusiasm and spirit as we do at all time. Obviously, this day drives us to feel patriotism and pride about our mother land. It is the appropriate time in a year to honor the bravery & sacrifices of our freedom fighters and taking pledge to protect the values of freedom, which we enjoy today.

Freedoms that we enjoy

The Constitution of India provides us various kinds of freedom whereas right to equality is an essential right that we enjoy in our country. It insists on the equality of Indian citizens before the law irrespective of caste, race, gender and place of birth. Similarly, right on religion gives the fundamental right to conduct our prayers and rituals independently. As far as politics is concerned, every citizen of India has the opportunity to occupy any position in the frame work of constitution with the purpose of serving public by getting support from people. Our election system is unique and free & fair.

On top of all, freedom of expression is highly encouraged in our country to express one’s opinion without interference. It means, we have the right to support or oppose the opinion of others. Now-a-days, we are expressing our ideas and opinions using digital platform like social media, blogs, email and etc. to others. In addition to all these freedoms, we are enjoying other freedoms such as right to education, culture, property.

Growth after Independence

In our country, Five year plan system helped us to hit saturated levels in sectors like agriculture, service and many more. When agriculture is concerned, expansion of farming area and high yielding crops are the major factors that enormously contributed to the growth. In recent years, agri- biotech sector has also witnessed a sea-change growth. When technological developments are concerned, the sectors like teleservices and information technology have crossed remarkable milestones. Above all, our country has seen immense developments in education, infrastructure, health care and scientific achievements.


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Celebrations in NIST

Every year, NIST, the major safety training and consulting company celebrates Independence Day with full of enthusiasm and zeal. The management and employees celebrated the day with same tempo in this year too. Employees decorated their places with tricolors and models aesthetically.

The great writer Mark Twain quoted,

“It takes eighty nations, speaking eighty languages, to people her, and they number three hundred millions”

We must feel proud to be the national of historic and prestigious country, India. As a citizen of India, we have to dedicate ourselves to the service of our country in all possible ways and contribute to the developments with steadfast humanity.

Fire outbreak in HPCL Oil tank due to lightning

The globe where we live, is being very active with innumerable natural activities on its surface at every moment. It ranges from the movement of electrons in a minuscule atom to vast phenomenons such as sunrise, thunder, rain, lightning, cyclones and etc. Inspite of the fact that nature is supporting the mankind in all possible ways, sometimes we are troubled by event such as lightning, unavoidably.

We all know, the various causes for fire accidents are electric short circuit, unquenched flames of cooking devices, manual negligence, oil spillage, overheating and many more. Apart from all these reasons, lightning is one of the cause for fire accidents and it occurs because of very high electric charge difference developed in the cloud.

About the incident

Recently, a minor Fire accident happened in Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh on 29th of July at 7 pm. The lightning hit the crude oil storage tank, which holds thousands of liters of oil and fire blaze broke out from the tanker immediately. Fire tenders rushed to the spot immediately and firemen settled the fire within an hour without any casualty. Fortunately, there was continuous and heavy rainfall, which minimized the effects of the incident; otherwise fire could have spread to nearby oil tanks.

Risks due to lightning

  • There are nearly 2000 thunderstorms happening worldwide at any moment of time. Each thunder is capable of producing about 200 lightning strikes.
  • Lightning discharges about 1-10 billion Joules of energy and produces the current of 30,000 Amperes to 50,000 Amperes.
  • The air temperature around the lightning strike increases up to 20,000 degree Celsius.
  • In a year, around 15 to 20 Oil tank fire breakouts are happening worldwide because of lightning attacks.
  • 31% of the fire accidents in petroleum refineries are occurring by lightning.

How Lightning causes fire accident

On account of the fact that lightning cables of the lightning protection system are vulnerable to the risk of fire, they will be burnt when high current flows through it due to lightning. This open flame could lead to explode the nearby inflammable materials. If suppose, lightning attacks the electrical wirings, it will make the wires overheated and evaporate it, sometimes. Wear & tear in the roof of the oil containers due to ageing, possibilities of fume leakage, internal protrusions and irregularities, localized heating and bound charge problems and secondary arc risk are  some other risk factors of the fire accidents in  oil refineries.

Safety measures

  • Automatic fire sprinklers should be installed, which will put down the fire whenever accidents happen.
  • Thickness standards for the roof material of the oil tanks must be maintained.
  • Good lightning protection system should be installed.
  • Floating Roof Tanks – (FRT) grounding methods could be implemented.
  • The Oil tanks could be equipped with Dissipation Array System Technology (DAS), which will prevent accidents due to lightning.