“Tomorrow: your reward for working safely today” – Robert Pelton

That’s indeed a true saying, isn’t it? It goes without saying that workplace safety stands as one of the main priorities for both individuals & organizations across the world. A safe workplace is always productive. Hence, employers initiate to ensure a safe work environment for their workers. Every company has occupational health & safety risks and in order to eliminate these risks, employers should adhere to legal requirements & promote safe practices in their workplace.

Why National Safety Day?

National Safety Day is celebrated to remind the significance of workplace safety & create awareness among individuals to live a secured life. There is a myriad of safety concerns that include industrial safety, electrical & chemical safety, fire control, risk handling and assessment, first aid, women safety and much more! This day is celebrated across the nation by a multitude of industrial sectors, NGOs, regulatory agencies, etc., in order to create awareness about safety and minimize accidents. 

Facts to know:

  • According to International Labour Organization, there are occurrences of 340 million occupational accidents & 160 million victims who suffer work-related illness every year. 
  • Death due to hazardous substances is around 6,51,279 a year. 
  • The rate of accidents seems to be considerably high in the Construction industry. 

Source link: https://www.ilo.org/moscow/areas-of-work/occupational-safety-and-health/WCMS_249278/lang–en/index.htm

 Top 10 Reasons – Why Workplace Safety is Important?

  1. Stay aware about the work environment
  2. Minimize workplace stress / accidents
  3. Keep Emergency Exists easily accessible
  4. Update to safety officer about unsafe conditions
  5. Use mechanical aids for lifting
  6. Stay alert 
  7. Mental well-being of workers
  8. Wear the right protection tools
  9. Ergonomics
  10. Appropriate usage of work tools

COVID–19 – Is your workplace safe?

In 2020, safety became a primary concern due to the COVID-19 pandemic as dispersed workplaces were indeed a challenge to most employers. Currently, as businesses are looking to resume, there are a few safety guidelines to be followed to enable a safe work environment for employees. Conducting a risk assessment can help employers understand what needs to be done in order to work safely & protect employees. Social distancing, good ventilation & air conditioning, engaging employees into safety culture, enabling work from home option for vulnerable employees, etc., are some of the safety practices that can protect employees from the risk of COVID-19.


There’s a common saying that a safe workplace is always an efficient workplace! Keeping your workers safe will boost their morale and if they are happy & safe in their work, productivity will also seemingly go high. 

For a Better Tomorrow – Keep your workplace safe!