“It is easy to add, but difficult to maintain”

Birth of “Five Billion”

July 11th 1987, was the day when mother earth started to bear the human population of 5 billion people. This number five billion triggered United Nations Development Programme, to begin awareness about the horrific effect of over-boiling population across the world & led to the establishment of World Population Day as an annual event.

If the number 5 Billion was seen as a huge shock, then the current world population as on June 2018 which hits around 7.6 billion is a final warning to Earthians and is the right time to prevent the Population Bomb.

A question must be pondering your mind. Why should we worry about the growing billions? Where will this multiplying billon journey lead us to? Let’s ponder over the issue of overpopulation and its effect on environment to feed answers to such questions.

Growth of “Environmental Issues”

As your read this there are billions out there who are starving to death, others burning under the rising temperature, few are suffocating in jammed up road, many are roaming homeless with no land to live.

At this stage do you think the cities that are mushrooming around you with the so called development of nation as their primary aim with a blind eye towards protection of our very dear environment is the path towards global development?

As the threat to environment is getting stronger its high time we understand about the root cause of this entire environmental issue.

 Death of “Mother Earth”

Environmental issues can range from Water pollution, resources crisis, gender imbalance, global warming, land pollution, urban sprawling, and many more. These driving issues of our time are the consequence of one massive problem – Humans.

The growing population directly relates with environmental destruction which result in slow death of the mother earth. Let’s see how.

6 Ways humans impact the environment

  • Additional waste – As the population increases so does man-made waste which cannot be transformed and hence causing waste multiplication.
  • Biodiversity loss – As the population multiplies, the extraction of minerals from earth increase. This leads to ecological imbalance & finally loss of biodiversity.
  • Climate change – The increasing pollution due to increasing population affects the thick skin that surrounds the planet and cause dramatic climate change.
  • Depleting resource- Resources are limited but consumption scenario is currently unlimited. So, over consumption due to over population is causing depletion of resources.
  • Economic Productivity reduced- As pollution increases parallel to increase in population the heath condition worsens which in turn causes reduced productivity.
  • Forest destruction- When population increases so does the land consumption and because of which forest areas are destroyed to allot space for ever-growing population.

Prevent the nightmare of 9.8 Billion

Just over two hundred years ago, there were one billion humans on Earth. Now there are over seven billion of us. It’s estimated that if enough immediate measure are not taken human population may reach 9.8 billion by 2050.So it’s high time we gear up to prevent this big population blast.

To spread awareness about this serious global issue, every year world population day is observed under a theme. Last year i.e. on 2017 UNFPA observed world population day around the theme “Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations.”

As 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1968 International Conference on Human rights, this year on 11th July 2018 UNFPA will observe world population day around the theme “Family Planning is a Human Right.”

Safe and voluntary family planning is basic human right. Family planning is connected to gender equality & women’s empowerment. Due to lack of awareness and support in developing regions some 214 million women who want to avoid pregnancy are not given access to safe and effective family planning methods & lack support to take up such decision.

Accessing to individuals right to family planning is one of the key ways to prevent population growth over a period of time. With this in mind 2018 world population day will be celebrated by spreading awareness about family planning as a basic human right.

The greener side of Population growth

Every coin has two sides, so does the situation of population growth. It is understood that population growth has many side effects on our environment, but at the same time if this ever-growing population is looked under a brighter light we will realize that this is a massive bundle of resource underutilized.

Humans are the problem for environment depletion, and they are the only solutions too. When human resource is properly trained to protect environment safely, then major environmental issues can be solved.

NIST-Training ground for the massive workforce

 When the population grows, the potential availability of human resource also increases. We at NIST train such potential human resource and guide them to set up career in the field of health safety. Through this they can become a potential individual who will contribute for the protection of our environment.

The quality trainings at NIST with an aim to protect environment include, Fire safety Course to manage destruction caused to environment by fire, Chemical safety to prevent hazard caused by chemicals like cleaning solvents, paints, motor oil, Emergency Hazardous Spill Response to tackle threat on environment due to release of Bio-hazard material, Radiological Contamination, fuel & oil spills, & Defensive driving to prevent environmental hazard caused by road accidents.

Let’ Act & Save our mother earth today!

The earth we live is our home and every individual who live in this beautiful planet are responsible for its destruction. Its high time we gear up to prevent population over burst and at the same time use our potential human resource in the right way to prevent further destruction.

Doomsayers have long warned that Earth would soon be overburdened with too many mouths to feed. Don’t you think this can be prevented? If yes, feel free to share your ideas in comment section below and plant the seed to prevent future population bomb.


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