NIST grows into the International League

NIST grows into the next possible league by participating in a prestigious graduation event. We will remain breathless if we come to know the scope of this amazing graduation event.

For your information, participants from nearly 59 countries have represented the graduation event and in some cases the families have accompanied. Isn’t it amazing to witness such a wonderful gathering, infact a diverse one, defying race and community, to support the cause of the health and safety industry under one platform.

Let me proudly introduce you to the NEBOSH graduation ceremony held at the University of Warwick. Hold my hand as I take you around this grand ceremony and explain how NIST was part of this eventful program.

Our Chairman receives NEBOSH IGC Global Topper Award

First of all, we would like to announce to the world that we have the honor of receiving the Global topper award for NEBOSH IGC. What a fantastic feeling for an institute that specializes in the health and safety industry. It can be viewed as a breakthrough achievement to see one of our own students competing against an overall 28,000 individuals throughout the globe to grab the topper award.

It simply shows the quality of instruction, mode of preparation, assessment structure that eventually bring out the best out of a candidate. So, there goes the NEBOSH IGC global topper award received by our Chairman, Mr. Antony on behalf of our student. Kudos!!

A new face of NIST

NIST has transformed itself in the recent wake of events. The hard-work of our directors and the entire NIST team has taken us to the international stage. As mentioned, the NEBOSH graduation ceremony was attended by participants from nearly 59 countries. NIST will be renowned for the training services offered at over 12 branches in India and consulting services offered throughout India.

NIST sponsors NEBOSH Graduation Event

Since beginning NIST has been very supportive of the NEBOSH graduation ceremony. Our Chairman, Mr. Antony received a personal letter from NEBOSH congratulating us and inviting our team to the University of Warwick. It is a proud moment for the entire team of NIST. In this regard, we have gone a step forward to sponsor the Graduation ceremony event to keep our motto of contributing to safety.

NISTians attend Graduation Ceremony

NIST was generous to sponsor the trip to the NEBOSH graduation ceremony conducted in the premises of the University of Warwick, London, UK. One of our directors Ms. Priscilla had the privilege to present the best candidate award to the IOGC candidate. NISTians encouraged each other on the reception of awards. It is truly a happy and fulfilling moments for the entire NIST team.

NIST Promises to Contribute to Safety

Concluding our trip to the University of Warwick, NIST has kept to its commitment of contributing to safety by sponsoring the event and being a key part of the ceremony. Stay tuned to our blog, we will post you on the most recent happenings of the NIST and the safety industry. Thank you for your time and we appreciate your comments.


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