“NEBOSH” stands for National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health. It was founded in 1979. It is a UK-based examination board and its role is to provide examinations in health and safety to the public. NEBOSH has developed a set of course qualifications that are relevant for safety working professionals. The qualification is designed to give people the right knowledge, skills, and behavior to help them perform their jobs safely and professionally.

This qualification is an essential piece of the course that prepares candidates for workplace roles in an emergency management context. The ability to perform as a first responder in a hazardous situation is required for almost all emergency management roles.

Anyone looking to start a career in safety or advance their career should consider taking the NEBOSH IGC, a professional qualification that is recognized throughout the world. The NEBOSH standard is internationally acknowledged and is well recognized by employers who rely on the standard to identify the suitability of candidates.

NEBOSH IGC content:

This qualification is split into three modules, which cover the following areas:


Hazard Identification, Hazard Recognition, and Risk Assessment: The NEBOSH IGC course starts by introducing candidates to risk assessment, identifying hazards, and hazard recognition. Once the candidate is familiar with these elements, the course then moves on to the assessment of risk and identification of risks to people.


Physical Emergency Management: The NEBOSH IGC course moves on to include skills that can be applied in emergency management contexts. Firstly, the course introduces candidates to an assessment for first aid and CPR. A practical assessment is then provided where candidates must respond to a variety of emergency management scenarios, such as an unconscious individual in water, a person with an injury, a person who is not breathing, etc. The final practical assessment requires candidates to apply what they learned from the course in a more realistic emergency management context.


Personal Preparation and Planning: NEBOSH IGC Coursework is provided for candidates to complete in their final assignment. This module introduces the candidate to a range of techniques for preparing for a variety of emergency management situations, from preparing for an unruly group to preparing for a mass casualty incident.

This qualification is delivered by an approved training provider, so you can be assured that you are learning the correct level of NEBOSH IGC content from a dedicated and professional instructor.

Choosing a course like NEBOSH IGC will undoubtedly get you a job given the growing demand for safety professionals in today’s HSE environment, helping you to stand out in the ever-growing pool of potential employees. The technical and professional modules in NEBOSH IGC cover a wide range of topics, including hazardous materials, fire and rescue, health and safety, environment and management, design and operation of machines, equipment, and systems, workplace planning and evaluation, training and development, quality assurance, and communication, among others. NEBOSH IGC is a managerial course. NEBOSH IGC completion will help you gain lucrative opportunities in the HSE industry.

If you are already employed and have a good understanding of how you would like to improve in your current occupation, I would recommend the NEBOSH IGC course first. If you are working in the field, it would be helpful to have this NEBOSH course (although this would not be compulsory for a promotion)—you could also consider starting up your own self-financed NEBOSH course if you wish for betterment in your career along with your hard work and experience. NIST, India’s first gold learning partner, gives you employment chances as soon as your course is completed; our recruitment services provide a wide choice of services to help you land comfortable jobs. Our learners are our first priority and we hold their fingers still after their studies!