NEBOSH IGC is one of the best courses you could do. NEBOSH IGC is the international examination recognized by employers around the world for its high standards of safety and health and its commitment to good practice. It focuses on teaching you the principles and regulations governing Health and Safety at work. However, you can achieve a NEBOSH (International) Certificate upon completion.

If you are a fresh graduate with an excellent NEBOSH IGC qualification, you probably feel fantastic about yourself right now. You are prepared to put your best foot forward at work and make the most of your first job now that you are familiar with some of the greatest engineering techniques.

 Freshers with a NEBOSH qualification have the opportunity to obtain employment as either a Safety officer or a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) officer in any core industrial sector.

Though there are no prerequisites to studying this course, a good command of English is mandatory. And as the NEBOSH International General Certificate is about health and safety, A basic essential health and safety training course like NEBOSH IGC will give workers an understanding of how to prevent themselves, other workers, and others who enter the workplace from suffering illness or injury. The NEBOSH IGC tests your understanding of health and safety principles and practices. This course makes learners aware of hazards that may occur in their workplace and encourages them to do something about them if they do identify hazards. This is effectively done by giving students a risk assessment.

By following the safety guidelines in NEBOSH IGC, you will be in a position to assess any risks that may exist, and take the appropriate measures to control and reduce them. You will have to do the NEBOSH Risk Assessment in your workplace. This is not an easy task. For example, what’s the likely risk of being caught in an electric shock? What’s the potential for an uncontrolled fire to spread? What precautions should you take when working in a confined space? NEBOSH International and Health and Safety Training (IGC) has been developed in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive to enable you to find answers to these questions. By following the advice in this course, you will be in a position to carry out proper risk assessments and then take the appropriate actions.

Furthermore, it is also a legal duty of an employer to protect the health and safety of employees, and failing to create a safe working environment can be breaking the law therefore appointing IGC holders helps in this regard. As a result, employers seek NEBOSH holders, as, a basic safety course like NEBOSH IGC enables to ensure everybody in the workplace is safe and healthy. This course covers the essential factors in a number of areas, making it an easy option for managers wanting to maintain a good working environment. The key areas that NEBOSH IGC covers are; Fire awareness, Manual handling, Display screen equipment training, Slips, trips, falls prevention, etc. These areas are the most common causes of workplace accidents, which are the basic topics covered in the NEBOSH IGC. A good general health and safety program will be able to be completed at different times, rather than all in one go when a student may not be concentrating for the full length of time. Online courses offer this advantage. Consider taking NEBOSH courses without hesitation for a BETTER CAREER if you want a fantastic career guide or to improve in your HSE job. Since NEBOSH’s quality is accepted and recognized globally, having a NEBOSH certification can help you feel more confident. Happy Learning!

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