Choosing a safety career can be rewarding in the current scenario. Safety professionals are highly on-demand in all sectors and there are a lot of Safety related job opportunities across the globe.

Here are top 5 best safety careers.

Safety Engineer

Safety specialist is on a constant move to protect human lives and the planet at large. They are always thinking to make sure that the environment is safe to live in. It is a very broad job domain that offers many different roles and positions.

From monitoring to maintenance of workplace environment or equipment, safety engineer deals with a lot of issues, in which they have to ensure safety. Apart from dealing with issues, they also have to ensure that things remain safe by providing proper training to employees.

They are involved with many big companies or organization and work closely with them to find the best solutions for safety. They have the option to work for their home company or move to a different place.

Safety manager

A safety manager or the general manager is generally head of a department or in charge of a group of employees who work at a certain place or organization. A safety manager plays a big role in ensuring that the staff at work follow the set safety standards to avoid any accidents or mishaps.

In addition to the general work, they also have the responsibility to find out the best safety precautions or processes which are needed. They are also responsible for hiring and terminating employees in the workplace.

They are involved in the training and evaluation process of employees. They are also responsible for reviewing the documents and contracts which may be needed for the safety of workers. They can choose the best person for the job and help the staff by providing instructions and support.

Safety consultant

A safety consultant is a person who helps other people to become more safety conscious. They get paid to train others on the best safety practices which will help them avoid many kinds of accidents and mishaps.

They are the people who make sure that the rules and regulations are set up by organizations and they are well followed by all employees.

A safety consultant is generally an independent consultant who works on the job. There are also other safety consultants who work from home.

They help workers to avoid accidents by providing training and consulting on safety matters. They also get paid to keep the training and guidance up to date.

Emergency manager

An emergency manager helps others to learn what are the best methods to avoid hazards. They are also responsible for making sure that all workers know what to do in case of emergencies. They can help you to learn what you need to do if an accident happens. They can also teach you how to use the available equipment properly. They can be an instructor or a facilitator.

Safety supervisor

A safety supervisor must be in charge of overseeing safety precautions and procedures. They must make sure that all workers use the equipment properly and also that they know how to use it. They are also responsible for making sure that all employees follow safety policies.


There are only a few industries in the world where you can make a difference as a safety professional. It’s not only an exciting career, but one that has high earning potential and it’s easy to get started if you have the right training. It’s that reason that every major company in the world is seeking certified safety professionals, whether they have manufacturing operations, mining or oil and gas exploration.