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“The real opportunity for success lies here”

NIST institute is built with an objective to provide quality safety training. It is globally reputed institute in providing HSE training. Now adding feather to its cap NIST has started organizing International food safety training and it is the only CIEH Food Safety course provider in PAN India.

Unprecedented growth of Food Industry hasopened huge job vacancies like QA officer, Hygiene officer, Hygiene Manager, HACCP Team Leader, Food Safety officer, Health Inspectorfor food safety professionals. To grab these opportunities NIST offers globally recognized CIEH Food Safety certification.

NIST launched calendar based training successfully and 11th batch is to commence by March’14.More than 170 professionals like CEO of an organic food manufacturing Company, a Sous Chef from a reputed five star hotel, Quality Control Professionals & chemist working in Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical were certified for CIEH Food safety courses through calendar based training.Apart from this, NIST has made a joint venture with a reputed cruise and provided CIEH food safety trainingin Mumbai, Cochin, Pune for 125 employees. This exemplifies the importance of the CIEH certificate.Furthermore from NIST 25 professionals were also certified for ISO 22000 FSMS lead auditor coursein association with BEREAU VERITAS.

Now NIST marched its venture in institution by introducing Food safety courses for life science, Catering & Hotel Management, Home science & for B.Tech life science students.This International CIEH food safety certificate label will have strong positive meaning along with the academic certificate will increase competitive edge in employability market.

Since the job opportunities seems to be unlike for most of the Life science & Home science students awareness programme was conducted in different Institutionalzones in Tamilnadu and it was a real wakeup call  for all the students. For Catering & Hotel Management students it is MUST to have on their hands because safety matters much in food.

NIST made a mark in followingInstitution by providing quality food safety training by CIEH approved Food Safety trainer

  • CIEH food safety training was delivered in EMPEE institute, Chennai for 150 Hotel management students
  • HACCP certification was taken up by PABCET, Trichy by B. Tech Biotech students  as well by professors and other faculty members who holds PH.D which exhibit the impact and significance of the certificate
  • About 50 life science students & M.Phil students from Dr. GRD College, Coimbatore took up Food safety courses.
  • NIST delivered CIEH Food safety in catering  Sai Institute of Hotel management, Chennai  for 120students
  • 130 students from Home science students of PSG CAS, Coimbatore were certified with CIEH food safety courses.

Beside the above mentioned institutions, NIST planned to deliver Food safety courses for Kongu Arts & Science College, Avinashilingam University, Madurai Kamaraj University, SRM, Sri Krishna College, Hindustan College, Vivekanandha Women’s College etc,.

It’s not only the students from institutes get certified but also the faculty members preferred the certificates to add value for their profession.

“NIST is committed to safety and service” and hence it teach safety and serve for thy better job opportunities.


NIST shares its journey of conducting Food Safety Courses in India as akey for all food handlers.

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International Food safety certificates in India, Every food handler’s badge to accomplish their goals

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”  – James Beard

NIST shares its journey of conducting Food Safety Courses in India as akey for all food handlers.

NIST & Food Safety in a nutshell from start till present, whilst the long trails to be traveled it is essential to begin with an explanation of significance of these certificates the changes it had evoked in candidates who have pursued the same.

CIEH Food Safety Course in Chennai was the inaugural batch happened in NIST Teynampet, where the candidates were from different domains, a fresher from a chemistry background, an experienced professional from Aviation Catering. A Non Resident Indian working in the Middle East in a Catering kitchen. A professional working in a hospitality management services as quality analyst.

International Food Safety Courses in Kolkata was majorly addressed by food handlers present there amidst the enquiries we conducted the CIEH food Safety course in Delhi and candidates interested in Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai desired to attend the course as early as possible as they were eagerly waiting for this cadre of course to happen in India.

There were different groups of professionals, aspiring students and Food Handlers who were present in the batch, to mention a few there was a CEO of an organic food manufacturing Company, a Sous Chef from a reputed five star hotel, a chemist of a pharmaceutical company and the course syllabus was just the right course in the right time for them to attain their professional goals.

CIEH Food safety course in Bangalore, this batch was packed with Quality Control Professionals working in Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Company made us realize the value of food safety in the diversified domains.

As a part of corporate training, more than 100 candidates of a cruise line catering were given CIEH food safety training as a preamble for all the food handlers before joining their work. In addition to the fresher’s training we also have conducted more than 200 CIEH Food Safety Course in Chennai for delegates working in Cruise Line catering.

Cleaning, Cooking, Chilling and Cross Contamination are the basic concepts which are given skill based training in the CIEH food safety Course, where we include activity based learning by use of demonstration techniques, group discussion and role-play. The effectiveness of these training with these many skills ensured the students in facing a Multiple Choice Questions.

NIST’s journey of conducting CIEH food safety started in chennai, was much welcomed in the cosmopolitan city. Our pilot studies projected a very clear picture of the scope of the CIEH Food Safety Course have thriven us to admit the demand for food safety courses in India.

When we voice about International Food Safety qualifications, CIEH (UK) is the eldest, prominent and reputed awarding body in delivering Food Safety Certifications. CIEH (UK) food safety certifications are very much famous in Middle East and other foreign countries to an extent where most of the reputed employers have made these CIEH (UK) Food Safety course as a mandatory certificate for joining the course.

As this is just a beginning NIST is intensifying CIEH Food Safety Certificates globally to countries like Sri Lanka and Middle East, NIST is organizing a “Testimony Campaign” to prove the significance of the CIEH Food Safety Training delivered by NIST Institute Pvt Ltd.

NIST is in the process of creating an environment of skilled food handlers all over the globe. NIST’s goal is to make every 3 out of 5 food handlers present globally should be an alumni of NIST and CIEH Food Safety Certificate Holder.

Any science or chemistry based graduate have a promising opportunity in this Food domain. For students pursuing bachelors or masters in chemistry, biotechnology, biochemistry, zoology and microbiology can qualify themselves with this qualification to get placed in a food manufacturing unit. It is obviously known that any student pursuing bachelors or masters in Catering and Hotel management can upgrade their employability opportunities in Aviation Catering, Institutional Catering, Industrial Catering etc.,

Hence as we have the commitment of delivering CIEH food safety Qualifications globally, we realize a very optimistic potential in this food safety domain for  all the science basedgraduates and working professionals in FMCG, Pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, catering and retail industries as food handlers existing globally;

We are very keen in creating a strong brand value for food safety as NIST. Apart from creating business, NIST Food Safety’s main objective is to create awareness, impart knowledge and enhance skillset of all the food handlers spread globally by having CIEH Food Safety Certificate as a key vehicle.


NIST Institute once again wishes to prove its caliber in creating a ‘brand value’ for food safety as NIST. As we are already a synonym for HSE Training globally. From the alumni of CIEH Food Safety Certificates from NIST and with the innumerous response and calls coming from food handlers present globally we realize a very optimistic potential in this food safety domain for  all the science basedgraduates and working professionals in various domains globally.

Food Hygiene on Cruise Ships: The Importance of CIEH UK Food Safety & HACCP Certification in NIST

The importance of good food hygiene is much bigger for ships, due to the possibility of cooking borne disease increases that are more dangerous on passenger ships. Chow handlers’ correct knowledge of food safety problems, conditions and safe handling practice is one of the most important factors to obtain a good hygienic quality in provisions preparation and this has been recognized in the cruise with the International CIEH Certification on Food safety and HACCP. The provisions hygiene standards requirement says that any unit must make sure that provisions handlers and people who supervise cooking handlers have skills and knowledge in hygiene for the work they do. It is ensuring that safe to eat. Hygiene is keeping your cooking premises and equipment clean. NIST is proud to bring to you the following session: CIEH Food Safety and HACCP Certification: Farm to Fork. CIEH certifications are of great importance and required to all working or planning to work in the cruise. The HACCP technique can be useful for chow safety management, but only if people charged with its implementation have the proper knowledge and expertise to apply it effectively.

The Objective of the CIEH Food Safety and HACCP training programme is that at the end of this session, each cooking handler will be able to list the proper temperatures of foods from the receiving to storage and delivery, list reasons to reject provisions, list ways to protect provisions during preparation and service, list records that must be maintained and why they must be maintained, demonstrate proper hand washing. The Person in charge, on a cruise vessel, must be a person in charge of the cooking operation. The individuals must be knowledgeable in cooking borne diseases and provisions protection and in sanitation. Additionally, they are also responsible for the cooking operations of the cruise vessel. These duties include ensuring that foods are prepared safely to prevent provisions borne illness and that the chow operation is in compliance with the provisions safety guidelines.

NIST is been training CIEH Level 2 and Level 3 Food Safety in Catering for all chow handlers of different areas like air flight caterers, cruises, International hotels, quick service restaurants and industrial caterers. NIST is pleased to deliver provisions handlers with the knowledge of safe cooking handling practices to prevent chow-borne illness. For instance, a recent study says that earlier, in the UK cooking handlers do not have to hold a food Safety certificate to prepare or sell chow, but now many chow businesses will prefer that they do and made it to be mandatory. The necessary skills may be obtained through an International training certification with a relevant prior experience. Business operators are required by law, to ensure that chow handlers receive appropriate supervision and instruction line with their work activity and should enable them to handle cooking handling. The person responsible for developing and maintaining the business’s provisions safety management procedures must have received adequate training to enable them to do this.

NIST- Our mission is to help prevent provisions borne illness globally through educational programs that address control of chow borne pathogens throughout the provisions chain from farm to table. Join NIST food hygiene international program to qualify yourself as an eligible Certified provisions Handler and prospect your career globally.