Step in here! To overcome your safety fear!! We don’t just prepare learners for the exams, but to face the world with boldness, giving you real-time scenario training that every employer expects in their workplace, as mere bookish material alone cannot make you grow in your career.

We provide the best of both worlds – the theoretical knowledge and practical skill set required by many industries to manage their daily tasks effectively in real-life situations, with real-time training videos and assessments to help them get ready and perform better than ever before!!We have highly skilled trainers who are well experienced and they will guide you through each step of the way till you can crack the exam in no time and get the job you always wanted!! The best preparation and a high success rate are guaranteed here!

Our trainers have undergone several years of rigorous training in order to deliver best-in-class training. We are sure that they will exceed your expectations and make you more confident in preparing for these exams at ease in a comfortable learning environment by delivering highly effective, interactive training programs and making you learn in a fun way by sharing their rich experiences and expertise.

Our courses have been designed in accordance with OSHA regulations, which has allowed us to receive certification for all of our programs. Along with our occupational safety, health, and environmental courses like IOSH, NEBOSH IGC, PSM, IOGC, IDip, and Edip, etc., we also provide training on specific subject areas like chemical awareness, industrial hygiene, risk assessment, BBS training, hand-tool safety, electrical and fire safety, work at height, confined space entry training, etc. Depending on your needs and budget, we can tailor the course to suit your organization’s needs. We have several options from one day to a few months, depending on what your needs may be. We have been in this industry for 14+ years, so you can be confident that our training will deliver exactly what you need from us!

A typical course at NIST is divided into 2 parts: 1) Basic Skills Training and 2) Practical Application. Testing, which includes hands-on training and assessment of students’ understanding, skill level, and knowledge retention after training based on the information provided during practical exercises of real workplace scenarios.

At work or home, through our training modules, which would help learners become first responders in case of an emergency situation. Our trainers are highly experienced, certified professionals who have been working in many industry sectors for years now, and they always strive to provide the best possible training solution to our clients worldwide, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Founded in 2008, NIST is a leading provider of online educational SAFETY content, helping to develop learners’ employees’ skills, knowledge, and career prospects.

At NIST, we are offering a variety of courses with different levels of certification on different topics related to workplace safety programs including Industrial safety, Construction Safety, Hazardous Waste Management Training, Environmental management, and much more. Our mission is to improve the quality of life by making sure that people are trained and prepared to handle any crisis situations such as accidents or disasters, and that they are aware of the laws and regulations concerning emergency management and disaster response, and are able to implement these in case of emergencies in the future in order to save lives, reduce suffering, protect property, protect the environment, and mitigate risks and disasters in the workplace! Happy Learning!

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