From 1919, International Labour Organisation (ILO) an United Nation agency, reconcile governments, employers and workers from 187 member states, aspired to configure labour standards, reinforce policies and programmes to promote safe working system for all workforces. The International Labour Standards were developed by ILO emphasises mainly on freedom, equity, dignity and security for all working men and women, to accomplish productive and unblemished working system. Since 1922, India became ILO member, streamlined to provide Decent Work Programmes with two directional focuses for Socio Economic Development: Overall Strategies (underlying principles) and Ground level approaches.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

To prevent Occupational Fatalities, Accidents and Diseases, International Labour Organization (ILO) marked April 28, as the World Day for Safety and Health at Work since 2003. International Labour Organization (ILO) envisioned to gain the international attention on emerging trends in the Occupational Safety and Health, to magnify the Work related fatalities and to foster the prevention of occupational accidents and disease at workplaces.

What is the Purpose of Safety Theme?

Every year to advance the global consideration, ILO establish Safety awareness campaign with specific themes, focusing the complications and obstacles in Occupational Health and Safety. It aims to educate Health and Safety rights to all personnel to eradicate & prevent fatalities and to create zero accident workplace. Each year, ILO focuses on specific issues and provides awareness on that;

2009 – Health and life at work: a basic human right

2010 – Emerging risk and new patterns of prevention in a changing world of work

2011 – OSH Management System: A tool for continual improvement

2012 – Promoting Safety and Health in green economy

2013 – Prevention of Occupational Diseases

2014 – Safety and Health in the use of chemical at work

2015 – Join in building an OSH preventive culture

2016 – Workplace stress: A collective challenge

2017 – Optimize the collection and use of OSH data

2018 – OSG vulnerability of young workers

For forthcoming World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2019, the theme is Safety and Health and the Future of Work

Why to give importance to Occupational Safety and Health?

The following atrocious statistics reveals you that, why the Occupational Safety and Health is vital in every workplaces.

  • Every day one million people injure at work
  • 7500 people die due to unsafe and unhealthy environment every day
  • Predominantly 6500 people die to work related diseases each day
  • 317 million work related accident occur annually
  • 160 million non-fatal accident occur per annum
  • Yearly 2.8 million people die due to work related accidents & diseases

In addition, Occupational disease kills six times more peoples than Occupational accidents. Occupational accidents and Diseases also impose enormous cost in the economy. Yearly, work related accidents and diseases stanches 4 % loss in global Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

New paradigm of preventions

The current technological revolution created profound changes in the working environment and working procedures. Equivalently, introduced innovative materials with unmeasured work related health disorders like Musculo – Skeletal disorder, Mental health disorders, Heart and Circulatory diseases, Occupational cancers, Skin diseases etc., Recent statistics says, If the Health and Safety Improvements are not implemented in current condition, the work related diseases are expected to be double in 2020.

Based on work nature, different strategies needs to be implemented to identify and prevent the hazards. Prioritizing and formulating the effective Health and Safety legislation, policies, programs and monitoring its implementation will diminish the Occupational Fatalities and Diseases. Furthermore, Health and Safety trainings on handling new innovation & technologies will reduce the technological hazardous consequences. Investing in Occupational Health and Safety enable to control both the Direct and Indirect cost to the organization, correspondingly by reducing sickness, fatalities and accidents; while also expands organizational performance and productivity.

Requirement for Safety campaign

The International awareness rising campaign will promote the Safe and Healthy working styles, by incorporating awareness of Health and Safety norms in every aspects of work.  By providing proper Health and Safety Information and applying in all work processes will deplete the hazards and to sustain zero accident workplace.

NIST, the leading safety training, consulting and auditing company, predominantly aims to contribute safety to the society by offering essential indispensable safety training courses and safety solutions to the Health and Safety issues. NIST wishes this World Safety Day to spotlight all Health and Safety issues and educates everyone to build zero accident & zero disaster workplace.


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