Every year National Safety Day is celebrated on fourth of March, to foster safety awareness and knowledge among people. The event will be spearheaded by the National Safety Council, a non – profit organization to commemorate its 48th year of foundation day. National Safety Day aims mainly to reduce the industrial accidents by integrating Occupational Safety Health (OSH) in workplaces.

Annually, this event has been widely embraced by various Industries, trade unions, Governmental department, and regulatory agencies, NGO’s, State and Central Governmental Institutions. Under the Societies act, this non-governmental organization has over 8000 members throughout globe, which spread Health & Safety awareness among masses in every aspects of life.

Objective of National Safety Day

The purpose of this National safety Day is to:

  • Educate and renew the commitment of employees towards Health and Safety at workplace
  • Get involved in Occupational Health and Safety Activities in the organization
  • Ensure the integration of Health and Safety regulation and policies in the workplace
  • Create self-compliance with Statutory Health and Safety requirement
  • Engage Health Safety Management System in the organization
  • Avail Health, Safety and Environment support service

Safety Theme – 2019

To drive excellence in Health and Safety, National Safety Council has embarked National Safety Day with theme based celebration. For this year, theme is declared as to “Cultivate and sustain a safety culture for building nation”

What does the Safety theme educate?

Even in this technological era, breaking news is often flashing up with Occupational accidents & catastrophic events. One side there is a massive growth in the technological development, on other side while reviewing the industrial statistics, we feel that scientific advancement may defocus on human safety. All over the world 1.4 million workers are suffering from work based illness and more than 55,000 workers are facing non-fatal injuries at work. On the other hand, it’s frightful to view the statistics of Occupational Diseases; Nearly 742,000 people die every year with Occupational cancer, which is double the number of deaths in accident at work.

Is Death trap can be prevented?

Yes, every accident and injuries can be prevented through implementing and practicing the Health and Safety procedure. At organization level, the Health & safety management starts from policy planning. The policy made by the top management should commit the objectives of maintaining and practicing good safety procedures to achieve zero harm working environment. Further, management should be proactive in measuring and monitoring overall processes in the workplace with regards to Health and Safety. The systematic evaluation will enable to get rid of hazards and enhance continual improvement. Moreover, the management should enforce Health & Safety norms in all responsible roles. Each and every employee (individual factors) in the organization should contribute to maintain safety, because it is estimated the 80 – 90% of the accidents are mainly due to human error. Hence the Nation Safety Council mainly aims to create safety awareness among people.

Mode of Safety Awareness in workplace

In the workplace, on National Safety Day the following safety awareness can be provided to enhance positive safety working environment;

  • Safety training program
  • Safety seminars & Workshops
  • Screening of safety films in units
  • Hands-on-training on Firefighting and emergency response
  • Eminent Safety lectures
  • Safety competition at workplace
  • Contractor safety program
  • Organizing emergency drills
  • Safety awareness awards

Let this National Safety day make the people to get bounteous knowledge and awareness on Safety rules, regulations, procedures and develop positive safety attitude. This in turn gradually obviates social suffering, environmental degradation, property damage and occupational diseases. Being No: 1 training, consulting and auditing company, NIST also pledge to promote positive safety work culture and provide awareness on creating hazardless working environment.

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