Health and Safety at Work or HSW as it is popularly known as one of the recognized safety courses across the globe. Every year, it draws lakhs of registration by aspirants. This course is conducted by the prestigious institute, NEBOSH and this certificate is widely accepted across industries. This course is a prerequisite if anybody aims to be at the top ladder of health and safety domain.

Contrary to the popular assumption that HSW is difficult to crack, we have made it very easy and rational through our well-experienced trainer. To be prepared in the best way, Our Trainer Ms. Rohini Gowtham, made her effort to understand this course thoroughly and played her strengths optimally, much to the comfort of learners. Keeping the basic understanding of the examination in mind, she ensured to have an in-depth analysis of the course while touching each of the points as in the curriculum and fine-tuned the strategy.

For learners, it seemed difficult considering the fact of competition initially. However, the delivery of the course was in such a way that they didn’t fill the difficulty while attempting the paper. One of the best outcomes that we Experienced through this course is that effort was made to remain consistent with preparation and they also put their best foot forward.

As a result, we witnessed hundred percentage result, i.e. 15 Students trained over a period of three days (11th – 13th September), held at NOIDA passed all with grade. This reflects efficient and organized approach of NIST while delivering International Courses. Moreover, our value-based training would assist the learners in applying in industrial activities and we would like to continue this cycle of delivering and making preparation for examination in future as well.

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