Getting trained in International Safety Courses like HSW is all about exposure and experience in industries. NIST provides this short term course through case studies, assignments, presentation and project submission. The acceptability of qualification is awarded by NEBOSH. This course is designed to give learners the best chances to kick start their careers in broad spectrum of industries.

For delivering this course, we mostly emphasize on skilling rather than safety skill Training Facility. We ensure quality parameter of learning enhance to next level so that the bridge between academic and industry gap is filled aptly. Moreover, we give leeway to learners to explore and experiment the technical subject. This aspect is what exactly was well taken care by Trainer Mr. Abdul Rasheed during his stint of delivering HSW course for the period (3rd-5th October), held in Mumbai.

Thus, result was obvious and to our credit. Learners outshined in the examination and fared well as they found to synthesize the information very well taught during class room sessions. 14 out of 14 passed out with, which itself is a Remarkable Result. It was actually the effort of trainer that he ensured each learner got personal attention to have good understanding over the subject. Now, the skill gained has the potential to transfer highly in industries. Therefore, many opportunities are there for these HSW certified people and Career prospects remain strong as always. In a sense, there is high possibility of learners getting embedded to various organizations as safety personnel.

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