“When you are on the wheels arrest your feels” is the betterment way to be on the road

Despite the rise in traffic enforcement road crashes or accidents stands peak still in our generation. Surveys regarding road accidents and the victims are at an increasing rate. As a matter of fact, road accidents hold peak level mainly due to the negligence of driving discipline on the track.

It is mandatory to quote that, many magazines and newspapers are fond of displaying the shots of the victims and the spot of the accident only. Instead, they should act to get rid of the ignorance about road safety. They need to picture about the “How the accident was caused” and “Why it was caused”. By doing so it will inject some awareness about “How we should not drive on the road”. It must be seriously viewed that about 66% increase in accident rates in India in the last three decades.  In the olden day’s people died largely on the war fields but nowadays people die largely on road fields because of crashes.

Crashes or accidents are just a matter of time. They have the tendency to twist life into various degrees. Pin sized negligence in the road safety will lead one to drown into a sorrowful state. Folks, do you think mortalities are alone accounted into accidents? If so, then you are not on the right side. Accidents are seen in the perspective of mishap that paves to frailties and fatalities. Accidents, on one hand, raise the fatality rate and on its other hand amplify the frailties.

Dudes of the street, will you travel in a roller coaster fashion without using your seat belts and locks? Or will you think before you do it? Definitely no…..then why the negligence of safety awareness on road ways alone takes place still…? It must be seriously viewed that road way travel is a critical one as our blunder may lead some other to be in the bowl of hell besides us.

The advancement from cart to motorized transport and from motorized transport to bullet trains is only to save our time and not to spoil our time. Many state government courses are designed for developing the skills to defend ourselves from the road collisions.  Government can only take the measures to reduce the road crashes, but it is every individual’s responsibility to play a safe role on the road side.

Distracted driving, ignorance of road rules, driving under the influence of alcohol, restless driving are the major causes of accidents on road. Focused concentration on road, periodical refreshment and foods on the long drive, staying away from the phone while driving, maintaining the speed limit as per the road condition are the ways to be safe on the road.

“When you are on the wheels arrest your feels” is the betterment way to be on the road. To bring a long scale improvement in the road safety awareness, joint responsibilities are essential which includes the decision takers of the nation, road users of the nation, political decision makes and the legislative reformers of the nation.

NIST strives to indulge knowledge about road safety through its Defensive Driving training. The training benefits the learners by enhancing the anticipation capability towards risky situations and the handling methodologies. Some other handy advantages of the training are controlling fear, snap decision making, quick reaction time, Emergency care and safety.

Obey the traffic rules; proceed on a long road and long life.

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