In any Workplace, hands and finger injuries are a serious concern and these contribute to the majority of workplace accidents! Do ever you think why?? The reason is very simple! We are using our hands and fingers in each and every tasks, such as equipment maintenance, lifting materials, guiding loads, assembly line work and hoisting or hooking up trailers etc…These are just a few examples of common tasks where we use our hands and pinch points exist always as a common hazard, which if not paid attention leads to hands and Finger Injuries

Pinch point is commonly defined as any point where it is possible for a body part (mostly hands and fingers!) to be caught between moving and stationary plant, equipment or work tool.”

The physical forces applied to the hand or body parts caught in a pinch point can vary and results in injuries ranging from bruises, cuts, fractures amputation of body parts, and even death (if body or critical body parts pinched between)

Pinch Point Preventions:

  • Use the right tool for the Job
  • Ensure tools selected are free from damage by conducting a pre use inspection procedure.
  • Identify all the possible pinch point hazards involved in task by task specific Job Safety Analysis
  • While on task focus on the task, check your body parts are at safe distance from pinch points,
  • Never position yourself in “line of fire”
  • Never remove machinery guards
  • Above all always use Hands-Free Tools or finger savers for task and use required PPEs recommended for the task.

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