In a sad incident, the popular actor Harikrishna was thrown out of the car during his travel on Toyota Fortuner along with his two friends. It is very sad to hear such fatal news of traffic accidents. If we were to refer to the number of injuries in a year due to accidents, the statistics would certainly be alarming. Unlike developed countries, India has not yet reached the stature to follow traffic discipline, followed in many of the developed countries to keep accidents to a minimum.

The police have identified speeding and distraction to be the main cause of the accident. Actor Harikrishna was identified to be speeding between 120 – 160 on highway along with his friends. The Incident seem to have happened when Harikrishna turned backwards to reach for a water bottle when he lost control of the vehicle and rammed into the divider, and further collided with the opposite car and was eventually thrown out of the vehicle and spotted in a pool of blood in the road side. This tragic incident has sent shock waves across the Tollywood.

Seat belt saves life

It is too late, but if he had used seat belt he could have well Saved his Life. The use of seat belts cannot be undermined as it is an extremely important Safety Measure. In most countries, it should be noted that wearing seat belts is compulsory. We could save many lives if we followed similar regulations in our country. Just like helmets have been made mandatory in some states of India, similar regulations should be implemented such as to wear seat belts.

Distraction should be avoided

If you ask me, I would say that knowledge is crucial to save ourselves. During the written examination while getting license, the pupil should be educated about the safety measure to avoid Drink and Drive, Speeding issues. These measures can instill a sense of carefulness in the minds of people while they begin to drive on roads. A part of it is personal responsibility, while the government has to provide the platform to help people to choose the path of safety.

Follow Safety while driving

Safety cannot be compromised at any stage. Either in Work-place or driving on the road, our safety is important. NIST has been doing phenomenally good on its mission to instill safety in the mind of people. If you enquire, you will find that NIST Company offers many Safety Courses that suit you in terms of knowledge and placements. These safety courses can open new doors of opportunities to be enriched in knowledge about safety and save lives ultimately.

Life is precious – Save it

Last but not the least, the preciousness of life cannot be neglected. We are all born to live one life and we should run the race marked for us. Falling prey for safety issues that can be avoided is a sad state of affairs. The public need to be aware about safety precautions.

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