“This (World First Aid day) is a great initiative to bring awareness and make an attempt to save lives during emergency situations”

First aid saves life

Life is filled with unforeseen situations whether you like it or not. If we look at the number of injured people in a year in India, the stats are simply astounding. Part of the reason why so many lives could not be saved is because of lack of first aid knowledge among people. At, NIST we have study modules that focus on first aid and we provide practical training for students to help them provide first aid procedure. First aid is a life saver.

World First Aid day observed on Second Saturday of September

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) came up with the idea to organize worldwide First aid day to be celebrated on the Second Saturday of every September, since 2000. This is a great initiative to bring awareness and make an attempt to save lives during Emergency situations. Praises to the IFRC body to come up with a worldwide awareness for First aid.

Knowing First aid can save a life

The key element to First aid is preliminary knowledge on Life Saving techniques. When a person is injured, one should be prepared to render first aid. This may make or break one’s life. Once the first aid is administered, victim may be shifted to a hospital through an ambulance. The lack of knowledge of First Aid Training can lead to a person’s death. That counts the importance of First aid treatment. In any vehicle, first aid box should be made available in case of accidents. Bandaging injured body parts or providing CPR in case of cardiac arrests can help a person’s life to sustain until he reaches the hospital.

It’s about give a part of you

It’s a very human act. You are indeed helping a fellow human-being. A lot of it goes to the reassurance you provide to the injured person during a tumultuous time. You shoulder the injured person as Responsible citizen and perform lifesaving procedures before moving to the hospital.

Fewer ratios of people knowledgeable in First aid

However, it is discouraging to find that only a few percentages of people are aware about first aid techniques. This leads to a dangerous situation where people cannot be helped in case of emergency situations. People can be benefitted with Safety institutes like NIST that offer first aid course for people to get acquainted with the techniques to save lives eventually.

More people should come forward to learn first aid

NIST calls out to people to come forward to get proper knowledge in First Aid courses. The knowledge of first aid training can come in very handy during critical situations. Let our country become empowered with more number of people equipped with first aid knowledge and reduce the number of deaths in our country.

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