“A new record set by NIST in training a maximum of 55 students in the month of June”

We are proud to inform you that we have for the first time undertook training a batch of a total number of 55 candidates. As you know, we are a safety company that is fully organized and prepared in terms of training materials, instruction manual and books, assessments to meet the demands of the students. We are proud of training 55 students for NEBOSH IGC training during June 2018 and it will remain as a feather in the cap in our training career.

Providing individual attention was a prime focus for us while handling such a big batch. So, we decided to split the batch into multiple batches in order to be able to deliver individual attention. Our mode of training is unique with a number of mock tests, quizzes and assessments on a timely basis. Our quality of training is a prime aspect to consistently deliver good percentage of results for NEBOSH courses. One of our student Joshua Fernando says that, “The training was useful to understand the topic and study the content”. He also added that, “Health and safety management system, workplace hazard and transport hazards are few topics that will help me to apply in my work place”.

If you would like to know about the statistics of the number of students in the batch; 36 of the students were freshers and the other 18 were experienced candidates, and one of them was Our alumni. Our trainers were delighted in providing instruction for this batch in sharing their knowledge on HSE to the students.

There were quite a number of repetitive students which truly symbolizes our success in offering safety courses. Out of the 55 students nearly 14 of them took a combination of IOSH and IGC program. 11 Students took a cumulative number of 6 courses from NIST. We are proud and at the same time diligent when we come across instance like these where students place an enormous amount of trust on us. Sam Joshua, one of our student highlights, “The mock assessment, quiz and group discussion were very good. The training was very useful to me and I hope that by practice I can do well in the future”.

For the records, nearly 60 candidates have taken the IGC exam. We believe that our students will successfully cross shores and reach great heights in their career. We wish them all the best from the NIST team.

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