Life of Fire Fighters has never been easy! Every second and every minute is so challenging that any negligence can cost their entire lives. Whether it is from putting of fires to rescuing people from endangers, Firefighters dedicates their life to help people keep safe; thus the sacrifices that Firefighters do are indescribable. So in order to pay tributes for their courage, contributions and selfless love towards the public, International Firefighters Day is celebrated worldwide on May 4th of every year. International Fire Fighters’ Day is devoted to honor and recognize the sacrifice that fighters do to save the people, environment and the entire community. On this day globally, the firefighters are shown gratitude for their contributions.

A Firefighter is a trained savior whose primary duty is to extinguish threatening fires and save people from hazardous situations. Thus a firefighter may possibly face number of physical dangers on such tragic situations. Thus Hazards and Risks are always unavoidable in the everyday life of Firefighters. So every Firefighter should be well equipped and prepared through a sound training to act upon the emergency situations.

On this day, many events like spreading awareness about the causes of fire, fire prevention techniques and the importance of Firefighting training is made known to people, where these are the main features that International Fire Fighters Day emphasizes out.

NIST as a foremost and well renowned Health and Safety Training Institute in India with many sites in notable cities offer intensive Firefighting Corporate training. An ideal training makes the firefighters safe and their families happy. Thus to Get equipped on Firefighting Training, Reach out to NIST, Learn to fight the fire professionally, Safeguard people from the risks of fire and Keep your environment Safe!


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