What is International Labors Day?

International Labors Day, a significant day dedicated in paying tribute to the Workers is celebrated on May 1st of Every Year. It is also known as ‘May Day’ and ’International Workers Day’ and it is usually declared as National Holiday in India, in order to appreciate and motivate the support of working people. Almost 80 nations around the World are given holiday on May 1 to and few Countries like USA and Canada is observed to celebrate the Labor Day on 1st of September.

How did May Day originate?

This day has a Historic Significance, initiated by Labor Unions of United States of America and Canada.  Going back to the late 19th century around in 1886, On May 1st US Labor Movement went on a Strike, demanding the rights of Labors to support 8 Work Hours a day and to have a better pay accordingly. In consequent of the overlooked strike, a violent incident of bombing took place at Hay Market Square Riot on May 4th at Chicago, that slayed over several Police Men and almost 100s of people were injured. Though there were no immediate results of this protest, in time, during 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed the law and so, the labors were given 8 hours of work in a day, which then was followed by India and many other countries worldwide.

Origin of Labors Day in India:

The Labors Day or May Day in India was first celebrated in Chennai at 1st May 1923.This was initiated by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan. To celebrate this occasion, there were around two meetings, held by the leader of the party, Comrade Singaravelar. One meeting took place at Triplicane beach and the other at the opposite to Madras High Court.

In order to recognize the hard work and efforts of workforces, this day is especially dedicated in honoring the labors in India and around the world.

How Labors Day is celebrated in India?

The 2018 International Labors Day is celebrated on theme ‘Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Advancement’. The theme features the significance of the peace and social cohesion in the workplace to boost the productivity.

Number of events usually occurs on this day in order to raise the awareness of the concept-Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Advancement.  Many events take place on the May Day. To name few, competitions for students and children are organized; round table conference on TV and Radios, Public speeches by political gatherings are held based on the theme. The day is not just meant for events and celebrations; many industries, ministries and corporations, businessman, industrial gatherings discuss on the social welfare of the workforces. In addition to the meeting, many sport events also take place through the week.

Role of NIST in the Life of Labors:

Did you know! “By 2030, the total Work Force of the world is predicted to increase to slightly more than 4 Billion”

As Labors are the Heart of any Organization, importance on Health and Safety of Labors has to be more concerned and be cautious of. Thus NIST plays a very important role in the life of many workforces. Our aspirants who have been trained, get acquainted with valuable knowledge on Occupational Health and Safety by which they ensure to maintain a safe working environment and thus preserve the safety of other labors of an organization as well which positively improves their lifestyle.

Our Boundless support to Occupational Safety not just limited to training, We Audit, Consult, Recruit and do Staffing Services as well. Especially, our Auditing and Consulting Services safeguards thousands of workforces to work efficiently in organizations. Do you want your labors and the organization to keep Safe? Approach NIST; Get Trained or Serviced and Keep Up the Welfare of your Workforces.

NIST heartily congratulates the labors/workforces all over the world, wishing them the best on their future endeavors. Let us celebrate this Labor Day with cheers and spirit in order to uplift the status and esteem of the working class in the society with progressive reforms!!

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