Success comes to us when we work hard. Reward for hard work may come early or we need to wait for years. This is the case happened  and we are very much pleased to inform you that one of our candidates Mr. Sooraj Orpheus Jacob secured highest marks across the world in NEBOSH IGC exam in the year 2017-18.

This landmark achievement is the result of extraordinary cooperation of our trainers and employees of NIST. We sincerely appreciate the dedication and hard work of our trainers for shaping the students to secure good grades. To honor this achievement, our management decided to sponsor Mr. Sooraj Orpheus Jacob to attend Graduation Ceremony at Warwick University, UK.

We had the opportunity to interview Mr. Sooraj and below is the excerpt from his interview:

1. Hi Sooraj! How do you feel after getting such a prestigious award?

It was a surprise indeed to see the email from NEBOSH mentioning the achievement of highest marks. I feel glad, grateful and honoured.

2. How did you choose NIST?

Even though I have been working in the role of a safety officer in the shipping Industry, I thought perhaps it is a good idea to take a certification so that I could bridge my skills to shore based industries too. So I googled and came across NIST and Jane’s explanation about Nebosh and its courses convinced me to enroll at NIST.

3. How did you embrace this success?

I believe that the success does not end in a certificate. The real success would be when I get to implement the knowledge and since my area of interest is in training and coaching, I am still looking forward for an opportunity to embrace it fully.

4. What were your challenges in learning IGC?

The fact that the written exam is intensive theory which demands a lot of time and strategy.

5. Any Success Mantra for achieving the Highest global rank?

Prepare and study in advance to avoid last minute exam pressure.

6. What are some tips and advices to your followers?

Classroom session is only for guidance. For exam purposes, it is better to study on your own and before the class starts. Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance.

7. How the scope of Safety Industry will be in the future?

I see an increasing awareness over the years, especially in developing countries like in
India. I hope every industry and individual gives more priority to Safety and Environment.

Most importantly, human psychology has to be considered carefully while implementing
Regulations, rather than just enforcing rules.

We highly thank him for making the time to answer to our queries. We, from the NIST team wish him with boundless success in his career.

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