Reasons are cause for occasions and this aspect is known to NIST employees and management better, thereby preparation started to conduct All India Meet. Employees across India informed, boarding and lodging arranged, and venue prepared likewise all the infrastructure was arranged and developed for this annual meet. This is how a cumbersome task was well coordinated which in turn paved way to ensure all the invitees come to occasion.

The mood of the employees was upbeat and everybody was eager to participate. And it happened in due course of time over two days, where each of head of departments shared the outcome and what needs to be done in the coming days. At no point of time, there was any aspect that would take away the enthusiasm fever which had gripped prior to start of this occasion. The event went as usual like prayer, team introduction, speech by directors, giving compliments among others.  As there is a saying that ‘well started is half done’ but in context to NIST, everything happened in perfect and much to the delight of attendees. Read more..

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