“I’m a lover of my own liberty, and so I would do nothing to restrict yours”

                                                                                                           – Mahatma Gandhi

India, our mother country attained freedom at midnight of 14th August 1947 from the British rule. This year, we are celebrating the 71st Independence Day with full of enthusiasm and spirit as we do at all time. Obviously, this day drives us to feel patriotism and pride about our mother land. It is the appropriate time in a year to honor the bravery & sacrifices of our freedom fighters and taking pledge to protect the values of freedom, which we enjoy today.

Freedoms that we enjoy

The Constitution of India provides us various kinds of freedom whereas right to equality is an essential right that we enjoy in our country. It insists on the equality of Indian citizens before the law irrespective of caste, race, gender and place of birth. Similarly, right on religion gives the fundamental right to conduct our prayers and rituals independently. As far as politics is concerned, every citizen of India has the opportunity to occupy any position in the frame work of constitution with the purpose of serving public by getting support from people. Our election system is unique and free & fair.

On top of all, freedom of expression is highly encouraged in our country to express one’s opinion without interference. It means, we have the right to support or oppose the opinion of others. Now-a-days, we are expressing our ideas and opinions using digital platform like social media, blogs, email and etc. to others. In addition to all these freedoms, we are enjoying other freedoms such as right to education, culture, property.

Growth after Independence

In our country, Five year plan system helped us to hit saturated levels in sectors like agriculture, service and many more. When agriculture is concerned, expansion of farming area and high yielding crops are the major factors that enormously contributed to the growth. In recent years, agri- biotech sector has also witnessed a sea-change growth. When technological developments are concerned, the sectors like teleservices and information technology have crossed remarkable milestones. Above all, our country has seen immense developments in education, infrastructure, health care and scientific achievements.


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Celebrations in NIST

Every year, NIST, the major safety training and consulting company celebrates Independence Day with full of enthusiasm and zeal. The management and employees celebrated the day with same tempo in this year too. Employees decorated their places with tricolors and models aesthetically.

The great writer Mark Twain quoted,

“It takes eighty nations, speaking eighty languages, to people her, and they number three hundred millions”

We must feel proud to be the national of historic and prestigious country, India. As a citizen of India, we have to dedicate ourselves to the service of our country in all possible ways and contribute to the developments with steadfast humanity.