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Major fire accident in Chennai Silks show room in T.Nagar


Today morning started with shocking news for chennaites. The fire broken out in Chennai Silks Show room building in T.Nagar raised the eyebrows of chennaites about safety concerns. The traffic in and around T.Nagar and Panagal Park was completely come to halt because of this incident.

The fire flames appeared from the building in the early morning around 4.30 AM in all the seven floors that were identified by the security guard. The fire personnel rushed to the spot and responded immediately preventing loss of life on the spot. Around 70 fire fighters were battled to settle the blaze. Twelve persons who were present in the seventh floor safely rescued by the firefighters. The shop owners in the nearby are asked to shut down until further orders in order to protect the public from thick smoke and health risks. The area is sealed off completely now.

Source: @thenewsminute

While saluting the fire safety personnel for on time reach and saving the lives of many, the reasons for the sudden fire must be identified immediately. The sources say that the electric circuit failure caused the incident; still it is not confirmed yet. The incident would have resulted in devastating consequences, if this happened in the active hours, considering the volume of people who could have been there.

These types of incidents in the city reveal that Fire safety is the crucial element in buildings in the crowed areas for the sake of people. The safety measures in the major buildings of Chennai should be reviewed at the earliest. Safety auditing and fire preventive measures are the prime concerns of the city in line with the developmental projects.

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