“Only through communication can human life holds meaning”

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD-17) is celebrated by ITU on May 17 every year. ITU, International Telecommunication Union, is the United Nation’s specialized agency for Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This is the day which spots the inauguration of ITU in 1895 with the mission of achieving best practical solutions for integrating new technologies when they are developed, and for spreading their benefits to all the spheres. The purpose of celebrating WTISD-17 is also to raise the awareness of the use of internet and other information and communication technologies (ICT) to help societies and economy of a nation and also to balance the digital divide among mankind.


                                 2017 Theme: Big Data for Big Impact

The theme, “Big Data for Big Impact” is chosen for the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD-17), that focuses to explore the power of big data for development and to identify the opportunities by converting the available massive complex data into practicable information.

This theme matches with the ITU’s objectives focusing on the technological developments that are smoothing the emergence of Big Data, developing standards related to Big Data and identifying sources and uses of Big Data. It also includes the use of Big Data technologies for developing and monitoring improvements in information societies. To accomplish these objectives of ITU, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) provide the innovative ways, as part of it’s work, to manage major cities in the form of constructing smart buildings, intelligent traffic systems, energy conservation, e-waste management and exchanging information and knowledge among the converging information societies.

                                                              Safety Concerns

All in good time, the technological developments come along with the challenges like the safety of workers, security of data, managing and accounting of large data, and etc. Specifically, in Telecommunication Engineering, employees working on the cell phone tower encounter the risks such as RF burn, i.e., causes irritation in skin due to RF radiation that is one form of Electromagnetic Energy emitted by transmitting Antennas, and risk at working at top approximately 500 or 600 feet tall, falling objects or tools from the top onto the body, electrical hazards, and working at inclement weather. To overcome these shortcomings, Safety precaution measures have to be insisted to the workers and corresponding researches must be encouraged to reduce the effects by the concerned authorities at this point of time.

Last but not the least, Occupational Stress is the major health issue experienced by the employees of information systems that may lead to, sometimes, metabolic syndrome to the workers. The pre-emptive methods are to be implemented to rectify this issue by giving attention on efficient time management, task management, regular workouts and by proper food choices.