India is celebrated for historical places and heritage building. We have also the privilege to hold one of the world wonders “Taj Mahal” under our country’s banner. There are many such monuments, religious buildings, museums, forts, palace and so forth are available in each and every state across our nation. This would attract tourists from various part of the globe which would increase the economy of our country.

In most of the countries ancient building are protected, maintained and polished as it is considered as tribute to the ancestors who built those structures before the advancement of technologies. The saddening part of our culture is we not only failed to protect the heritage structures but also mishandled the legacies our dynasties left behind.

It is also encouraging to learn that 18th April is declared as ‘World Heritage day’ by International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) which was approved by UNESCO in 1983. The purpose of this day is to create awareness among the people to know their collective responsibility to protect the nation’s inheritance.

The effort taken care by archeological department and various states across the country to safeguard the identifications of the ancient buildings are commendable. Their main aim is to refurbish the ancient model buildings which are either vulnerable or iconic. Still we have lot more to do with the memorials as quoted very often in various newspapers, NGO’s and social advocates.

In the era of high end machineries, latest technologies, revolutionary accessibility and numerous sponsorships across the globe, the renovation and maintenance of building is still challenging. Councils, professional forums, NGO’s, CSR funds are increased due to the awareness campaign from ICOMOS and other organisations. We are grateful to those initiatives which helps next generation to understand, witness and cherish the history and the efforts taken.

Engineering specializations like architectural, interior designing and HSE courses are available for the persons who wish to take part in construction, restoring and protecting the historical buildings. Besides engineering, Safety courses plays a major role to protect the people working to protect the monuments and heritage. Learn more