The purpose of existence is to live, create a healthy and happy life. If the fundamental factor of survival itself is gone for toss by various Health, Safety and Environmental issues the purpose of existence gets disturbed. Thus the need for World Health Day arises to safeguard the global human health be it physical, mental or well-being and chosen the theme of the year 2017 as “Depression: Let’s talk”.

We are living in the century where the globe is floating with technology; every nook and corner are in surveillance. During the earlier centuries and before the invention of mobile phone, internet & email the human relationship, networking with family & friends, physical fitness were stronger. Inspite of all these developments, the required aspects become weaker hence people easily fall it into depression.

Another major reason is considered as work-life balance. White collar job is the top priority nowadays, where mental challenges are very high compared to physical work. If a person happens to work in the laptop for 8 hours a day, the required physical activity is discounted. Besides the demanding target and deadline, the unwanted substances in the body adding fuel to the fire results in depression.

WHO statistics says globally more than 300 million people suffer from depression. Starts from personages to pauper no one is exempted from depression. The death toll is getting increased day by day as people unable to find solutions to get mental strength. Schools, colleges and corporates are seeking for health & well-being programmes. Doctors, Therapist, clinical psychologists and spiritual gurus are the demand of the hour whom needy people seek for.

One should learn to manage the art of balancing the work, relationships, physical fitness, nutrition, spiritual factors and personal space in order to live a healthy and happy living. Health is the basic foundation to build a successful life. Our ancestors live with the best of the health with the limited resources but we invite only terminal illness by changing our lifestyle.

Occupational health is the most required education required for a person to balance their work whichever they choose for. Medical professional says, if any person needs to stand/sit for 8 hours a day, needs to sit/lay atleast 4 hours with sufficient break besides the 7 hours’ sleep. Be it manual handling, Work at Height, chemical exposure, working in extreme temperatures, dusty/windy environment, confined air conditioned atmosphere, machineries, noise, strenuous travel, lone working, extreme behaviour, harassment, bullying etc., should be identified with suitable control measures to relax and free from depression.

HSE professionals and practitioners have enormous responsibility to share awareness, give shoulders to people in depression to overcome their pain. Let us understand the depression and create awareness during this World Health Day, a wonderful initiation by WHO.