“Think of water, food, people, and land as interwoven threads in the fabric of the world.” – Anne Olson

NIST has a bouquet of Health and Safety related courses in various domain, be it fire, working at height, Oil and gas and more. In recent years be it any field any industry safety is becoming a necessity whichevoked NIST to prove its excellence in the field of food safety.

When it comes to food, despite the taste, quality and cost food is a basic necessity to any living being in the universe. Whilst the necessity in few countries food is in scarcity for consumption, hence every year world food day is been remarked to make the globe understand the importance of food as a resource.

Nowadays the usage of networking gadgets, work system and many more social factors evoke the need for a family meal for at least thrice a week, family meal is where, all  the  family members will sit together, have a meal. The definition of a family meal would sound simple but the impact of the same would be more fruitful pertaining to consumption of healthy and safe food.

At NIST, World Food Day will be celebrated with the objective of an effective utilization of the resources – Food. There are several activities to be conducted both in online mode and offline mode. World food day falls on October 16th2013, activities planned for this year are split into 4 major topics such as

  • Traditional Ingredient to Traditional Nutrition
  • Food Photography – Safe food
  • Impact of processed foods on eating habits
  • Power of purchasing

World food day celebrations will begin with a recipe writing contest, “A traditional Twist” participants should choose a traditional ingredient like ragi, jowar or bajra etc., and should create a westernized recipe for example, like jowar pizza, ragi dhokla etc., the recipe along with the photograph of the dish mentioned should be sent to the organizers through email, as we are adapting to more western foods, this concept of introducing traditional ingredients in our westernized food would help to utilize the traditional ingredients to enhance their nutritional profile.

NIST also enhances the need for the consumption of safe food, the food photography contest” on the topic safe food would be open to all students, scholars, workers, housewives etc., the participants will be asked to capture street foods 3 photographs per person will be accepted as an entry. The entries can be based on safety in street foods, availability of street foods, and joy of eating street foods. The entries will be displayed as a photo-walk exhibition at NIST premises. The best photographs captured will be awarded prizes. The objective of this event would be to communicate to our forthcoming generation about a healthy lifestyle.

Convenience food products like Ready to Eat & Ready to Cook increased with the decrease in the traditional cooking system, hence there will be a talk on “Impact of processed foods on eating habits” would be conducted for working women, kids etc.,. There will be a live collage competition which will be conducted for all the participants of the talk; topic will be given on the spot.

A healthy lifestyle depends on many factors beginning from purchasing, cooking, serving and storing. There will be an initial round of “micro blogging contest” about myths pertaining to selection and purchase of fruits and vegetables. Best micro-blogs will be selected and published as a poster in social media. There will also be a quiz competition open for students of city colleges. Initial screening and the main quiz competition will be an online event.

“Share a meal” will be an event focusing on sharing a meal of yours to others. This campaign will be open from October 1st – 15th 2013 for the public to donate any food products like raw rice, wheat flour, sugar etc., it could also be used stove lighters, apron, like kitchen materials which can be used will be collected and given to an orphanage as a one day meal for all the kids in that orphanage. “Share a Meal” Campaign will be a concluding event of the World food day celebrations at NIST.


NIST’s social responsibility is beyond the excellence delivered through Health and safety courses training. Every human being should be socially responsible for effective utilization of resources, be it oil, water, food or the whole environment itself. Hence NIST proudly demonstrates the role of a citizen in saving the food for the future through recipe writing, photography contest, micro-blogging and Quiz competition. The concluding event “Share your meal” should be a successful event to bring out the smiles in an orphanage and satisfaction to NIST that it has contributed to safety in providing a day’s meal too.