The many NIST branches across India have bound the learners with clear concepts regarding health and safety and keeps them updated constantly”

 NEBOSH qualification:

Number of people taking NEBOSH courses goes on increasing every year as the demands of the employer looks for recognized Health and Safety qualification.. In people perception, the size of the question mark in their mind gets zoomed in selecting the best training provider. In training providers’ perception, it is a significant role for the Trainers to align with reputation level in this competitive business world. NIST rubs out the question mark of the people, by its splendid training provision. The many NIST branches across India have bound the learners with clear concepts regarding health and safety and keep them updated constantly. This made NIST to be the origin of NEBOSH courses in India.

NEBOSH Courses at NIST:

NEBOSH HSW (Health and Safety at Work), NEBOSH IGC (International General Certificate), NEBOSH IOGC (Oil and Gas Certificate), and NEBOSH IDIP (International Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety), are the four major axes of the NIST institute.


Wide awareness about Occupational Health and Safety is covered by the course Health and Safety at Workplace. The course injects the learners, about identifying and dealing with hazards and risks. This is the first spark for the initial level opportunities in the domain of health and safety. A strong basement for the other higher qualification courses is framed by this course.


The course, International General Certification raises itself to the level of peak in the industry. This course has sculpted many Successful Professionals. This course definitely lands one’s flight in the successful career terminus.

NEBOSH International Diploma:

NEBOSH International diploma course weighs more in its value. Almost all the Job providers under health and safety domain demand this course. This course brightens one’s knowledge about health and safety management, hazardous agents in the workplace. This course transforms the learner into an expertise safety practitioner.



The NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate course is aimed by the learners who want to become professional with safety responsibilities in the oil and gas process industry. In India, enormous corporate companies accept NEBOSH courses. Chiefly Corporate Professionals form various petroleum and oil companies prefer NEBOSH Oil and Gas in Chennai.

Hotspots of NIST in India:

Continuous hard work, made NIST to launch itself across major cities in India. Learners can find their successful career destination at Eleven Major Cities in India which are listed below.







Mumbai – Andheri

Mumbai – Vashi




NEBOSH qualifications attracted plenty of students across our country. More or less 50000 students hold this qualification. Examinations for this qualification are conducted in 120 countries nearly.

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